Top Ten Fairy Tail One True Pairings

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1 GaLe/Gajevy = Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden

Gajeel said he wanted to spend his whole life with levy not to mention they kissed

Most popular ship in my opinion, almost everyone loves it.

2 Gruvia = Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser

No one else ever brings this up, so I will. In one of the first episodes (I think it was episode 3? ) Gray runs into someone who can read the future. He predicted Gray will have a soul mate, water, and women in his future (sorry if those aren't the exact words! It's been a while since I've seen this episode). Gray easily beat him in a fight, and his future being read was never brought up again. I, however, did not forget it. As soon as I saw Juvia, I was already shipping her with Gray!
So yeah, I ship this a lot!

The fact that he was so sad and depressed and realized how much he loves her when she gave him her blood so he could live was so sad and made me cry for over 10 minutes straight! It was so emotional, Gray and Juvia have been through so much together! Gray has had to see so many people he cared about die, like your, Ultear (even though, technically she isn't really quite dead yet), etc. He thought Juvia died and they had to go through the torture of beating each other up with basically no control whatsoever! - PerfectlyPink1210

He literally said that her body could be his one day

My OTP right here people!

3 Zervis = Zeref x Mavis Vermilion

Even though zeref tried to harm her I still ship them together because they told each other they loved one another

4 Gagevia = Gajeel Redfox x Juvia Lockser
5 Jerza = Jellal Fernandes x Erza Scarlet

They grew up together and by the end of the season they basically expressed their love 💕 in the best way possible

The silent love these two share for each other really proves how much they care for each other 💘

6 NaLu = Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia

They are so adorable when they are together! He is always protecting her and helping her, and is always there for her when she needs him. They have so much chemistry together and the relationship they have with each other is incredible! Natsu is basically the definition of what would be the perfect boyfriend! - PerfectlyPink1210

Natsu and Lucy share a lovely chemistry.

The way Natsu is so protective kver Lucy is so sweet. lucy girl! Open your eyes and realize your man is right thre

I have shipped them from the very first episode and their relationship gets better than that I can obviously see that he loves her❤️🧡💛🤎

7 Elfgreen = Elfman Strauss x Evergreen
8 Kinabra = Erik x Kinana

Only one beautiful scene and I fell in love with this couple

9 Cappy = Happy x Carla

Cappy juice.

They have been the very best ship ever even though they don’t get along very well I still ship them💙🤍🍣

10 Rokino = Rogue Cheney x Yukino Aguria

A star can only shine in shadows

The Contenders

11 Laxana = Laxus Dreyar x Cana Alperona
12 Racangel = Sawyer x Sorano Aguria
13 Mernight = Macbeth x Meredy
14 Lories = Loke x Aries

They have an awesome past together 🤍

15 Mirafreed = Freed Justine x Mirajane Strauss

It had just one scene, but that one scene was so emotional and beautiful, I couldn't help but ship it

16 Stinerva = Sting Eucliffe x Minerva Orlando

Badass, sexy and fun at the same time, that's why I love this ship!

17 Dorendy = Doranbolt x Wendy Marvell

But I love it with adult Wendy.

18 Orfus = Orga Nanagear x Rufus Lore
19 Fraxus = Freed Justine x Laxus Dreyar
20 Bixanna = Bixlow x Lisanna Strauss
21 Lygura = Lyon Vastia x Kagura Mikazuchi
22 Dobenflare = Dobengal x Flare
23 Millially = Wally Bucchanan x Millianna

Ship it since Tower of Heaven Arc.

24 Sorabeth = Macbeth x Sorano Aguria
25 Stinglu = Sting Eucliffe x Lucy Heartfillia
26 Stingli = Sting Eucliffe x Lisanna Strauss
27 Arcasui = Arcadios x Princess Hisui
28 Soring = Sting Eucliffe x Sorano Aguria
29 Albis = Alzack Connell x Bisca Conell
30 Miracer = Sawyer x Mirajane Strauss

Just because their fight in the Key of the Starry Sky arc, especially because of the bittersweet end.

31 LyAnna = Lyon Vastia x Lisanna Strauss
32 Joy = Jet x Droy
33 Stillianna = Sting Eucliffe x Millianna
34 Canajane = Cana Alberona x Mirajane Strauss
35 LaLi = Laxus Dreyar x Lisanna Strauss
36 Rerry = Ren Akatsuki x Sherry Blendy
37 Hibikenny = Hibiki Lates x Jenny Realight
38 NaLi = Natsu Dragneel x Lisanna Strauss
39 GrayLu = Gray Fullbuster x Lucy Heartfilia

This would be my ship if NaLu and Gruvia didn't exist

40 Gratsu = Gray Fullbuster x Natsu Dragneel

only 3%

41 Miraxus = Mirajane Strauss x Laxus Dreyar

Their relationship together gets better and they are talking all the time and when he’s around her he blushes💛

42 Grayza = Gray Fullbuster x Erza Scarlet

The main four pairing are unhealthy t the best of times. Grayza has always been something genuine, like something that didn't need to be forced on the characters and us as viewers because of a rabid unthinking fanbase...

Eyyy, Grayza4Life lads. - Viperhat

43 Rogura = Rogue Cheney x Kagura Mikazuchi

They just look cute together 🖤

44 StingYu = Sting Eucliffe x Yukino Agria

You can obviously tell that he loves 💗 her by the way he looks at her🤍

45 Rowen = Romeo Conbolt
46 Natza = Natsu Dragneel x Erza Scarlet
47 Navia = Natsu Dragneel x Juvia Lockser
48 Baccana = Bacchus Groh x Cana Alberona
49 Lyredy = Lyon Vastia x Meredy
50 Lyvia = Lyon Vastia x Juvia Lockser
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