Top 10 Fairy Tail Openings

Just a list of the best fairy tail openings in my opinion.

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1 Snow Fairy

My favorite by far

By far my complete favorite

Always singing it

My favorite

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2 Masayume Chasing

Masayume Chasing is my favorite opening ever since I heard it I listened to this every single day and I can sing Masayume chasing as well. - involves loads of Japanese words.

Best opening EVER... I listen to it every day at least three times. The part at the end makes me wanna scream... WHY IS THIS NUMBER 7?!?!?!

Sometimes it seems that my heart beats in the rhythm of this song. One of my favorite opening songs at all.

By FAR the BEST op in fairy tail

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3 Towa No Kizuna

I absolutely love to listen to this! Listen this 3+ times today. Never got bored - MLPFan

My brother and I both love this one and the video is also really cool

Listening to the English version is very motivating.


4 Never-Ending Tale

Should be number 1

The only opening I never skipped

Should be number 1

Where is Breakout?!

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5 Fiesta

The up-beat tempo is just incredible! Definitely my favorite!

It's my favorite song among all

Honestly I hate this song (that just my opinion though)

The best opening ever.

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6 The Rock City Boy

I actually really like this song don't judge me

Bleh people like this song! But it sucks! In my opinion it's the worst opening of all the Fairy Tail openings! So how is it number 4!

No contest best opening

Catchy as all hell

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7 Believe in Myself

I love this opening! Especially the last when it says "you light my fire@ and Natsu and Lucy appear. *squeals* - FlameDragonHime

Love the piano in the background. Makes the song not just epic, but also calm and soothing. Such a good song

I'm biased because of love gray but it just is so good, never skip this

It is pretty swag! #IgneelBestDad!

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8 F.T

THIS SHOULD BE LIKE, NUMBER 1, OR AT LEAST NUMBER 2. Seriously, this song is so damn badass and catchy, it HAS to be at least number 2. I would say number 1 but Snow Fairy truly deserves first place so Ft. Should be at least number 2!

Makes me drown in tears every time I hear it for some reason, I love it

Very good opening, I like it!

I love this song's beat!

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9 Sense of Wonder

Inspiring! It's the Phantom Arc when Gajeel makes first appearance along with the Element Four!

I love how this opening show each character being happy, but reveals their underlying dark pasts

Wow! Deserves to be number 1!

I love it! So kawaii!

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10 Strike Back

This opening has a really epic video and I love the song! It's so catchy!

This song is one of my fave anime opening songs ever along with rock city boy attack on Titan theme colors from code geass and all of the one piece openings ok I love a lot of anime openings

Legit the best opening it's so epic!

For me, Strike Back and Masayume Chasing are battling for #1 song in this series, tied right now as they are both amazing for different reasons.

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The Contenders

11 Rockin Playing Game

How can this sucks this is a really great opening

I agree. It's sucks


12 Break Out

0.0 Break out is amazing what


13 I Wish

Love it so catchy


14 Ashita Wo Narase

As soon as I heard this opening... I was amazed and it became one of my favorites!

By fair the best

I like the beagt and the sing

15 Evidence

I love the intro! The animation is amazing and the instruments blow me away! Love it!

Honestly the best!

This song is so sweet! #kawaii


16 Yumeiro Graffiti

Love the melody and the guitar riffs

17 Breakthrough

I love this song! How is it so low?

18 The Starting Sky
19 Egao No Mahou


20 Tenohira

I really love the visual! It's so cool to watch and somewhat emotional... ? Plus the song is really catchy. I can't stop watching this opening over and over again.

It's a really catchy song

Who doesn't love te no hira?

21 Mysterious Magic
22 Blow Away
23 Creditless
24 Yakusoku no Hi

It is the best opening song. If features sting and rogue fighting natsu and gajeel. Why this song is so low

The best song

25 Power of the Dream

Newest opening in fairytail. So good hear it

26 Yak
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