Top Ten Best Fairy Tail x One Piece Couples

The Top Ten

1 Zoro x Erza

That ship might work since both of them use swords to fight and They both are badass

Both of them are intense weapons wielding fighters with strong wills and convictions. And in their down time they have a genuine good time with their friends. A fight between these two will go on forever. These two would probably have rough/angry/passionate intercourse if they were a couple.

Two of the most overrated anime characters of all time = most overrated fantasy pairing ever.

The most overrated characters of their respective series together would be a nightmare!

2 Sting x Nami

I can imagine them both together. Even though their not in the same show, they would be the perfect couple well second. But my opinion if one of them comes in one of fairy tail or one piece. Sting and Nami would be great. Sami.

Sting and Nami are totally perfect together, I can totally imagine the two of them together.

3 Rogue x Robin

They have a lot of common

4 Sanji x Juvia

Sanji's got his own personal Juvia now anyway. Pudding-chwaaan!

You could try putting Juvia with Sanji but she's only got the hots for a certain Ice Mage. - ErzaScarlet

I'm dying imagining how this could turn
Two weird lovers - kawaiiyaoiyuri

Wow the thought of these two becoming a couple is quite... disturbing.

5 Cobra x Hancock
6 Luffy x Lucy

Kinda cute, if you think about it.

Oh hell no this wont work at ALL

7 Chopper x Happy

Two ADORABLE mascots works for me


8 Gray x Robin

I can totally see these two with each other just like I can see Zoro and Robin together.
Besides these two are so calm, cool, and collected!

Almost like ZoRobin. - ErzaScarlet

9 Natsu x Nami
10 Juvia x Robin

I think that it would be vary cute.

The Contenders

11 Gildarts x Shanks

Same look,same personality,both like fathers to main characters.They are like twins.

I wonder how this works

12 Gray x Hancock
13 Zeref x Robin

Both mysterious

14 Luffy x Natsu
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