Top Ten Fake Facts


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1 Penguins can fart.

Haha they can? Thank you. Was wondering this while boarding the train to work.
Also... Fake Facts?! Isn't that rather a contradiction in terms, hmm... ? - Britgirl

Hahalolz! Wow, Tina, what a coincidence that you were thinking about this!
And I'm genuinely sorry; I should've named the list 'Real Facts'! - HezarioSeth

2 Jupiter is a scam.
3 Oranges can cause hallucination.
4 Obama plays Bingo frequently with high-society snobs.
5 The Grand Canyon was split by Henry Ford.
6 Criminals suffer from asthma.

Why? Can't criminals suffer from asthma? - Kiteretsunu

They can't? Why not? I have asthma, so if I become. E a criminal it will go away?

7 You are an illusion.
8 The movie 'Up' was a controversial project to promote the medicinal benefits of magma.
9 Bananas are Martians.
10 If you sms a person 'Q0hiz0%' their phone will explode instantly.

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11 Buddha was obese
12 If you vote on this list then HezarioSeth will not see your lists and who you are
13 My butt is bigger than the moon
14 Heavy metal is the devil's music
15 Rock and roll is the devil's music
16 Vikings wore horns on their helmets
17 George Washington had wooden teeth
18 Napoleon was short
19 The Great Wall of China is the only human-made object visible from the moon
20 The color red makes bulls angry
21 Ostriches stick their heads in the sand to hide from their enemies
22 Bats are blind
23 Goldfish have a memory span of just a few seconds
24 A duck's quack does not echo
25 Sharks can't suffer from cancer
26 An earthworm becomes two worms when cut in half
27 Tomatoes are vegetables
28 The daddy long legs spider is the most venomous spider in the world
29 Pumpkins are vegetables
30 Humans and dinosaurs coexisted
31 Hair and fingernails continue to grow after a person dies
32 Redhaired people are becoming extinct
33 People use only ten percent of their brain
34 Dolphins are fish
35 Sharks are mammals
36 Humans catch warts from toads
37 George Washington Carver invented peanut butter
38 Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet
39 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb
40 Henry Ford invented both the automobile and the assembly line
41 Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio
42 James Watt invented the steam engine
43 Johnny Cash composed the song Land of Hope and Glory
44 Alligators live in the sewers
45 Marijuana makes you hallucinate
46 Priests can get married
47 Gary Jules made the song "Mad World"
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