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21 Glass

Most of the fake Pokemon types here are just unoriginal copies of types we already have. This type is better. It isn't closely based off of an official type. It would probably be pretty weak, though, since it's based off of glass. I think it would be resistant to Bug (ever seen a fly repeatedly banging its head against the window trying to get out? ) and weak to Sound.

Glass would be a cool type. It would be weak against sound, and fighting, but strong against fairy.

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22 Gas

It can also represents Steam, as well as Pressure.

Basically Poison type, because gas is poisonous.

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23 Food

The should be frosty delight Pokemon.


SNORLAX! Ability: Overeater - The Pokemon over eats gaining 1.5x the leftover HP

Saddest idea yet

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24 Mutant

These Pokemon are Pokemon that have been created or eternally altered due to human actions or severe weather or nature or interaction with other Pokemon. Mutant-type moves could be based on pollution, natural disasters, disabling, or protecting. Maybe Pokemon like Muk or Porygon could be Mutant-types. - Kevie16

And blastoise could be a teenage mutant ninja turtle

I dunno, still think this is mostly poison. Many poison Pokemon weren't created in nature anyways, such as Gastly, Muk, Garbodor...I suppose these COULD be separated from other poison Pokemon, but wouldn't they be too similar? - Penguincamp

I prefer Nuclear - Doggus

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25 Language
26 Fart

It's better then sound

Because who doesn't like farts

Bo! worst type ever!


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27 Mecha

I don't understand why people have ideas for tech, mecha, and machine when there is already steel. I can see virtual/cyber though.

If Steel didn't exist, this would be an amazing idea!

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28 Karp

Magikarp will be even stronger than he is now. Carp is super effective against every type and every type is ineffective and doesn't do damage.

Karp type resists all kinds of moves, and is super effective against all types, besides Karp itself.

This might as well be water, fish, aqua, or any other thing to do with water

Could you think of anything worse

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29 Nuclear

HA! Whoever thought of this, gets my full support. Nuclear types could learn awesome moves...

Perfect idea, just don't let it use explosion.

Guys, poison and nuclear are the same.

This is one of the few ideas that makes a lot of sense as a new type as it doesn't step on any other types' toes. I'd have called it 'radioactive' type though.

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30 Glitch

Could have reality bending powers. Making a "glitch" in space-time continuum. Then again, probs too OP.

Cyber would be better, but like grass and bug it can share that relationship with cyber being weak to glitch - Doggus

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31 Tech

Nintendo could add a tech Pokemon that have an appearence with gears, toolbox items, and all things that deal with technology. it could be found in factories and building sites in Pokemon games. Nintendo, please hear me out and give like to the Tech type.

Voltorb and Electrode a tech/electric type

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32 Zombie

Undead type, which is pretty much ghost. But ghost type isn't physical, zombie type could be a pokèmone's corpse reanimated.

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33 Star

Pretty much like cosmic type, but maybe light could have an influence

34 Anti-Matter

Can destroy matter if at 100 strength in the guides.

Dark types, but sounds more over powered - Doggus

It could actually be kind of interesting if this were a type that would be super-effective against everything, but also weak to evrything.

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35 Mind V 4 Comments
36 Blood

For games rated everyone? I don't know...

It would go so well with dark type just think a blood type Pokemon would be so cool yet mystireos and a lot of Pokemon could use this type such as zoroak and yveletal

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37 Tree

Similar to Grass, only more physical than special, and with overall higher HP, Defense, and Special Defense, and lower Speed and Special Attack.
Strong against: Water, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ghost
Weak against: Fighting, Fire, Grass, Electric, Bug

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38 Beast

This should be a typing for sure.

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39 Plastic

Chinese version of glass types - Doggus

I like this type. Normal needs to be erased.

40 Death Bringer

Nickname it death, plus we have dark type but there could be something different with it. Or it could be an opposite dark type - Doggus

This type would be to Pokemon who like nothing but bring destruction on the world
Affective against: light, psychic, fairy, grass, bug, flying.

Weak against: magic.

Allied types: Dark, ghost, cosmic.

This is an epic wings of fire character

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