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21 Fart

Also known as poison type. WEEZING

It's better then sound

Because who doesn't like farts

Poison - PokemonGOSucks

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22 Gas

It can also represents Steam, as well as Pressure.

Basically Poison type, because gas is poisonous.

I'd rather call it "Steam type" since we've got "Water" and "Ice" as well, and it will complete the three state of matter (liquid, solid, and finally gas)

Could be :
x2 against : Fairy, Electrik,
x0.5 against : Psychic, Ice
x0 against : Water

x2 by : Flying, Ice
x0.5 by : Ground, Water

Koffing, Weezing, Swablu, Altaria and Torkoal could be Steam type
Mist, Haze, SmokeScreen and Mist Ball could be Steam moves.

23 Glass

Most of the fake Pokemon types here are just unoriginal copies of types we already have. This type is better. It isn't closely based off of an official type. It would probably be pretty weak, though, since it's based off of glass. I think it would be resistant to Bug (ever seen a fly repeatedly banging its head against the window trying to get out? ) and weak to Sound.

Glass would be a cool type. It would be weak against sound, and fighting, but strong against fairy.

Glass cannon - Doggus

If there was a glass type it would be fragil but strong.

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24 Food

The should be frosty delight Pokemon.

Saddest idea yet


Um,well,vanilluxe would be food type in all flavors. it would also have a second type depending on the flavor. for example,cherry flavor would be part fighting because red color. strawberry would be part fairy because pink. blackberry flavor would be part dark because most dark-type pokemon have black on them. the ground-type would be chocolate flavor,because ground is represented by brown. - Villainnumberone

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25 Mutant

These Pokemon are Pokemon that have been created or eternally altered due to human actions or severe weather or nature or interaction with other Pokemon. Mutant-type moves could be based on pollution, natural disasters, disabling, or protecting. Maybe Pokemon like Muk or Porygon could be Mutant-types. - Kevie16

I dunno, still think this is mostly poison. Many poison Pokemon weren't created in nature anyways, such as Gastly, Muk, Garbodor...I suppose these COULD be separated from other poison Pokemon, but wouldn't they be too similar? - Penguincamp

And blastoise could be a teenage mutant ninja turtle

I prefer Nuclear - Doggus

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26 Poop

The smell permanently paralyzes the opponent until they are defeated.

Let's go POOP!
People Order Our Patties



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27 Language

Technically, all Pokémon speak their forms of languages. - PokemonGOSucks

28 Zombie

Undead type, which is pretty much ghost. But ghost type isn't physical, zombie type could be a pokèmone's corpse reanimated.

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29 Mecha

I don't understand why people have ideas for tech, mecha, and machine when there is already steel. I can see virtual/cyber though.

If Steel didn't exist, this would be an amazing idea!

You should change it to robot

Steel type is similar to this

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30 Karp

Magikarp will be even stronger than he is now. Carp is super effective against every type and every type is ineffective and doesn't do damage.

This might as well be water, fish, aqua, or any other thing to do with water

Karp type resists all kinds of moves, and is super effective against all types, besides Karp itself.

Could you think of anything worse

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31 Nuclear

HA! Whoever thought of this, gets my full support. Nuclear types could learn awesome moves...

Perfect idea, just don't let it use explosion.

This would be awesome

Poison - PokemonGOSucks

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32 Blood

For games rated everyone? I don't know...

It would go so well with dark type just think a blood type Pokemon would be so cool yet mystireos and a lot of Pokemon could use this type such as zoroak and yveletal

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33 Glitch

Make missingno a Glitch type

Could have reality bending powers. Making a "glitch" in space-time continuum. Then again, probs too OP.

Cyber would be better, but like grass and bug it can share that relationship with cyber being weak to glitch - Doggus

Could learn HaCkD


34 Tech

Nintendo could add a tech Pokemon that have an appearence with gears, toolbox items, and all things that deal with technology. it could be found in factories and building sites in Pokemon games. Nintendo, please hear me out and give like to the Tech type.

Voltorb and Electrode a tech/electric type

This would be good

We have steel.

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35 Healthy

It would be good in a pokemon center because it could heal other pokemon

Yes,cool. I could see this type replacing the normal typing of the following Pokemon:Chansey line,jigglypuff line,and audino. I could also see this being added to comfey. I could see the following moves being healthy type:heal pulse,floral healing,recover. - Villainnumberone

36 Anti-Matter

Can destroy matter if at 100 strength in the guides.

Dark types, but sounds more over powered - Doggus

What about Dark Matter? - PokemonGOSucks


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37 Bone


38 Death

Its not exactly evil and its not like dark type

39 Rainbow

Fairy type basically.

I would look too gay - Doggus

If there were a rainbow type it would be like Arcaus.

We need this!

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40 Chemical

I like this one!

Because moves like acid spray shouldn't be poison types. Not all acids are poisons, just look at Acetic Acid (vinegar) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). Pokémon of this type could be like Muk and Grimer, because they're made of a chemical sludge. It could also include new Pokémon like test tube Pokémon, or Pokémon that are based on different principles of chemistry! Not to mention, a lot of chemicals can make really good attacks. There could be attacks like "carbon ash", which could lower accuracy, or moves like Sulfuric Vent, which could cause Pokémon to take damage AND cause the next Pokémon on the opponents team to become poisoned!

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