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41 Chemical

I like this one!

Because moves like acid spray shouldn't be poison types. Not all acids are poisons, just look at Acetic Acid (vinegar) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). Pokémon of this type could be like Muk and Grimer, because they're made of a chemical sludge. It could also include new Pokémon like test tube Pokémon, or Pokémon that are based on different principles of chemistry! Not to mention, a lot of chemicals can make really good attacks. There could be attacks like "carbon ash", which could lower accuracy, or moves like Sulfuric Vent, which could cause Pokémon to take damage AND cause the next Pokémon on the opponents team to become poisoned!

42 Star

Pretty much like cosmic type, but maybe light could have an influence

43 Plastic

Chinese version of glass types - Doggus

I like this type. Normal needs to be erased.

44 Number

Are you being for real right now?

Like Unown (Psychic-type) but with numbers... eh... - PokemonGOSucks

Unown and what - MM4031

Numberjacks on their way

45 Bird

There is a flying, do we even NEED bird?!

For the person below me, this was a glitch type in Red and Blue. Don't blame the creator of this list.

I am fine with bird tipes

There are sooo many pokemon that are birds but are normal and flying. Bird should be super effective against:
Fighting because the video's I see on YouTube people that try to fight birds always lose
Other birds cause food chain and stuff
Phsycic because they are all chirpy and spastic so it confuses the consintration.
And it should be weak against:
Normal because people have guns
and that's it so the good thing about bird type is that it would only have one type that its not very effective against. Oh yeah and it has no effect on dragon because dragon is like bird but with fire and intense claws so birds do nothing.

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46 Mind V 4 Comments
47 God

You know this might work, if we ever get a region based in Greece or Rome - ConqueringDarkness

Make a god type, and make Arceus a God/? type,? being its Plate's type - JimmyTheContender

You will punish by the god

Makes sense cause this type doesn't exist 😎

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48 Toy

I like toys polygon

49 Tree

no need - PokemonGOSucks

Similar to Grass, only more physical than special, and with overall higher HP, Defense, and Special Defense, and lower Speed and Special Attack.
Strong against: Water, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ghost
Weak against: Fighting, Fire, Grass, Electric, Bug

Could include Exeggutor, Sudowoodo, Shiftry, Phantump.. This would make a lot of sense

50 Death Bringer

Nickname it death, plus we have dark type but there could be something different with it. Or it could be an opposite dark type - Doggus

This type would be to Pokemon who like nothing but bring destruction on the world
Affective against: light, psychic, fairy, grass, bug, flying.

Weak against: magic.

Allied types: Dark, ghost, cosmic.

This is an epic wings of fire character

Yveltal could be a death bringer/flying type

51 TV

Electric, lol - PokemonGOSucks


Wut is with u and stupid tipes

52 Comic


53 Money

Basically grass and meowth has such an ability - Doggus

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54 Edgy

Looks like we need some more positive vibes! - Penguincamp

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55 Transforming

There should be a Transforming element for sure. It is HIGHLY practical and useful, unlike that disgusting fart, blood, and poop times (I capitalized my element only to show the importance of it).

Finally, something for Ditto.

I think that Ditto and Mew would fit in

Normal-based - PokemonGOSucks

56 Vegetables

Same as grass/water... - Doggus

Supereffective on meat and everything else.

This sucks.

57 Infection

Supereffective on the following if a normal: psychic, fairy, fighting, grass, normal. If legendary or mythical then it is super effective against dragon, fire, grass, psychic, fairy, fighting, normal, flying, and many more. The only ones that can attack legendary or mythical infection Pokemon are water, electric, and poison

Basically poison type

Why is this at the bottom of this list?

That would be cool...

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58 Snake

Come on snakes are fast so snake types should be fast. They would be weak to flying, and good against grass, ground, normal, and fighting. Think about all the Pokemon that would fit in this category. - ThunderdrumsRule

Fear of snakes means strong against psychic

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59 Ultimate

Come on! This type would be super cool! Add it Nintendo. Please?

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60 Weapon


Strong against normal because normal resembles small animals easily dispatched with weapons (also a normal person can't stand a chance against someone with a weapon), grass (chainsaws and axes against trees), bug (you think they would stand a chance? ) and the last 3 because weapons can cut through those materials.

Weak against dragon because you also need armor to kill a dragon, steel because steel is hard to cut, fighting because the fighter could steal the weapon, and psychic because the psychic one could make the weapon person stab him or herself.

These Pokémon would use swords, guns, crossbows, axes, maces, or even lightsabers!
Super effective against: Normal, Grass, Bug, Rock, Ground, and Ice.
Not very effective against: Dragon, Steel, Fighting, and Psychic.

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