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41 TV V 2 Comments
42 Number

Are you being for real right now?

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43 Money

Basically grass and meowth has such an ability - Doggus

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44 Bird

There is a flying, do we even NEED bird?!

For the person below me, this was a glitch type in Red and Blue. Don't blame the creator of this list.

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45 Transforming

There should be a Transforming element for sure. It is HIGHLY practical and useful, unlike that disgusting fart, blood, and poop times (I capitalized my element only to show the importance of it).

I think that Ditto and Mew would fit in

V 1 Comment
46 God

Make a god type, and make Arceus a God/? type,? being its Plate's type - JimmyTheContender

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47 Ultimate

Come on! This type would be super cool! Add it Nintendo. Please?

V 3 Comments
48 Weapon


Strong against normal because normal resembles small animals easily dispatched with weapons (also a normal person can't stand a chance against someone with a weapon), grass (chainsaws and axes against trees), bug (you think they would stand a chance? ) and the last 3 because weapons can cut through those materials.

Weak against dragon because you also need armor to kill a dragon, steel because steel is hard to cut, fighting because the fighter could steal the weapon, and psychic because the psychic one could make the weapon person stab him or herself.

These Pokémon would use swords, guns, crossbows, axes, maces, or even lightsabers!
Super effective against: Normal, Grass, Bug, Rock, Ground, and Ice.
Not very effective against: Dragon, Steel, Fighting, and Psychic.

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49 Astro

I think an astro type would be cool

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50 Warrior

These types can handle almost every type. Usually found in herds together. They fight other Pokemon to eat them and bring them to villages they made with sticks and leaves

Strong against: fighting, normal, bug, fairy

Weak against: grass, flying, cosmic, dark, ghost, death bringer.

This is like an upgraded version of fighting

51 Comic V 1 Comment
52 Country

Use Redneck Blast! It's super effective!

53 Poop

The smell permanently paralyzes the opponent until they are defeated.

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54 Holy V 1 Comment
55 Voodoo

Curse and hex can change to this type and Shuppet and Banette are Pokemon that changes to this type.

The Yokai type would be super effectI've against Normal types, and weal to Fairy type attacks

V 1 Comment
56 Edgy

Looks like we need some more positive vibes! - Penguincamp

V 4 Comments
57 Undead

Great could be strong against fighting and fairy but weak to ghost and psychic nutrition to normal (normal doesn't effect it)

V 3 Comments
58 Chemical V 1 Comment
59 Animal V 1 Comment
60 Ash

*flashbacks from episode 60 (i think)*

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