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81 Director

Can command the opponent to do anything

82 Cure

Supereffective on everything, but mostly infection, made by infection and anti-matter

83 Religion
84 Fast V 1 Comment
85 Yo-kai
86 Love

Hey, in Gen VI before we knew what Fairy was, people were considering some kind of emotion/compassiony type. For Alomomola and Gardevoir and things. I'd buy a Love type.

87 Fish

Fish is strong against bug because fishes often eat insects, they also would have the ability to eat fairies that are the size of a fly.

Fish is weak against flying because birds eat fish, and fire because roast salmon is TASTY!

Many people think water and fish are the same, but it is not so. Think about it. Fish is strong against Bug and Fairy but weak against Flying and Fire.

At this point it's getting ridiculous

Much of these failed-attempts are just so sad - PokemonGOSucks

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88 Magnet

This type can replace steel with extra power this is the moves for the type gravity pulse, solar reflection.

Magnezone and Metagross could become magnet types. some other electric types need magnet type additions too. They could like repel attacks or something...

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89 Elemental

The base of Poke!

Elemental could be strong Fire, Water, Electric, Ground

This is what porygons Tri attack should have been. It sucks normal type attacks don't have a super effective on on any types. So lets get rid of normal all together.

Elemental Wind
Tri Attack
Varial Blast


Maybe even some elemental physical attacks mixed in. Like Elemental Force/Rush or something.

Strong against the main elements: Fire, Water, Electric, Ground

Weak against other elemental

Resists: Single elements

Immune to normal because screw normal.


Not a thing

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90 Demon

Weak against fairy because it's good and evil, electric because I don't know, grass because nature can overcome evil, and ghost because ghosts can be angels which ties to the fairies.

Strong against dark because demons are always evil (also the devil punishes the evil) fire because they live in H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS for life, which has fire, and the final is obvious.

All the demon moves are tough type.

I've made Shadimon legendary rst Pokemon. old foe of zygarde, fairy hunter and dark emperor. r darkfire, sdemon, tdarkghost with iron aura ability.

Too evil, has to be more Politically correct. Dark type will suffice.

Weak against Jesus type for sure

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91 Regal

Or Jellicent. This type seems weird.

Yooo. That kinda goes hard. This could definitely be a possibility. I'm surprised this is not in the top 10. I could totally see Superior as regal. Lots of Pokemon fit this category too.

This refers to Pokemon that are known for their nobility or their monarchy status among their peer Pokemon, Pokemon under this category include Kingler, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Serperior & any Furfrou that has been Groomed

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92 Bite

Bite type would include some moves In my opinion :
Celestial Crunch
Air crunch
Crunch stun
And more

It would be good against:

Its weakness would be :

Dark type - Doggus

93 Divine

What Arceus' type should be.
Weak against:Divine because they are the only type strong enough
Strong against:Normal, Fairy, Grass, Fire, Water, Flying, Poison, Electric, Ice, Dark, Ground, Rock, Bug
Normal damage:Not mentioned above (Psychic, Dragon, Steel, Ghost and Fighting)

Yup, pretty OP

There's no adjectives allowed with no actual element... This is just stupid. Maybe a move typing along with beautiful or clever - Doggus

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94 Fusion

This reminds me of steven universe fusions...

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95 Weather V 1 Comment
96 Vehicle

Like lapras - MM4031

97 TV

Electric, lol - PokemonGOSucks


Wut is with u and stupid tipes

98 Body

Fighting type - Doggus

Or Humanoid/Human

99 Baby

Yeah! And they'll be so CUTE!

Since the baby Pokemon this will do

Baby Types do 5x damage to evolved form Pokemon. LMAO.

100 Morning

Wouldn't this go with cosmic? - ConqueringDarkness

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