Top Ten Fake TV Survival Experts

Real Survival experts can show you many ways to survive in harsh conditions. This list is of the Fakes found in the current T.V. survival genre.

I doubt that anyone of them has ever taken a backpack and headed out into the world with no money in their pockets and no means of support.

Anyone can be a wilderness survival "Expert" if you have a T.V. production company paying for it and setting it up for you.

The Top Ten

1 Joe Teti

I am not a survivalist by definition but watching this guy just makes me mad. Even someone who has spent very little time in the woods has more common sense. I haven't watched the show much at all since they got rid of Dave. I heard they fired Cody (which was stupid) so checked it out once curious about Matt who I didn't know. It was the episode in Vietnam I believe. Joe gets all pissy about glasses or something to use to start a fire with getting lost and decides to jump back down into a deep water and cave system to look for it. Are you kidding me. Even I have enough sense to see what a bad decision that was. Wasting time and energy better used for actual survival. Then he gets mad because Matt refused to kill a poisonous snake because he wanted to eat it. To me that is just taking to big of a risk. Each time Matt proved to him he was capable by starting a fire and supplying him with food a little later in the show. I think Matt far exceeds Joe but have stopped watching the show ...more

He's a wind bag and a complainer. Sure he could survive but would you really want to be stuck with him? - im1azy

Mr. Teti shows incompetence regularly on the show. He is incapable of even the most rudimentary wilderness tasks. He routinely concerns himself with "force protection"(presumably due to insecurity or paranoia) when there are more pressing needs to be addressed. He shows little to know knowledge of the teamwork necessary for survival with a partner and regularly is explosive and confrontational when a discussion takes place. He is truly the worst on this list.

Joseph Teti is a con artist. Faking survival experience is just the latest in a long history of using deception to butter his bread. He has avoided taking responsibility for his actions by skirting the edge of societies rules for far too long. He needs to own up to the negligence of killing 3 people with a fraudulent resume.

Guy was food service contractor overseas for a couple months, decided he was a war hero. Then he came home and drove past the woods, saw some trees through the window and decided he was a survival expert. This guy is a nothing but funny to watch - gets really nervous when put to the test. Skins dead animals for no apparent reason, drinks urine when he has a Gatorade in his pack. Likes to play with snakes for no reason one can see. I am pretty sure the Discovery Channel put him on the air as a dark spoof to real survival shows. I am waiting for his stand up comedy act, the guy is funny to watch -- but not a survivalist.

2 Bear Grylls Bear Grylls Edward Michael Grylls, better known as Bear Grylls, is a British adventurer, writer and television presenter. He is widely known for his television series Man vs. Wild, originally titled Born Survivor: Bear Grylls for the United Kingdom release.

Bear is a great guy and a true adventurer rather than survivalist (as many on the list). It is also important to note that military survival training is primarily focused on surviving hostile people. Many on your list have that as a main component of their resume. Although it is more training than any of you couch potatoes reading this will ever get, it does little more than familiarize the trainee with wilderness survival techniques.

The guy lies about everything, including his name. He is possibly the only guy on this list that if you follow his advice you will definitely die.

To Bear Grylls the DESIGNATED streets in India are an all you can eat buffet.

Not a fake, shouldn't even be on this list. His show just shows you how to get out/avoid bad situations, he never says he's surviving out there. - Zminer4

3 Matt Graham

Matt, of all the people listed here is the most skilled at survival, hands down. Not one of these other men compares.

He is the best survival Expert!

Matt is better than most on T.V., and must be one of the best survival experts I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Shame on anyone that put him on this list. He deserves a gold metal for putting up with Joe and keeping his cool over all Joe's little girl fits. This guy is the real deal, packed to the brim with knowledge and raw skills, can't beat him I hope he's on T.V. again soon so I can keep watching and learning. Perhaps the Matt and Cody survival show? Please?

Matt is the real deal, both in skill and as a person!

4 Cody Lundin

Come on - this guy is the best of the best - calm, in control, full knowledge of the environment and human physiology - who put this guy on this list? That is insane

I think he is practical and down to earth from what I have seen for the most part. I don't really think walking around barefoot in the snow is the best idea but to each their own. I definitely respect the fact that he can start a fire almost anywhere. Even though I don't agree with this guys methods doesn't mean they don't work.

A total idiot. Purposely putting oneself at a disadvantage by dressing inappropriately puts himself and fellow survivalist at risk.
Another hippie b.s. artist

I know him from his survival class, he is the same guy on T.V. as he is in real life, just a nice guy who enjoys teaching

5 Tom Brown Jr.

I read his books and they read like bull adolescent boy fantasies. If there was a Stalking Wolf I am sure it was more a case of some itinerant bum who was camping outside of town and Tom and Rick (if there ever was a Rick, he sounds more like an imaginary friend) came across his camp and the made smores or something. The boy(s) probably brought the bun, uh, I mean Child, uh I mean Stalking Wolf some some food from home and BoinkingBoys, uh that is Stalking Wolf probably by now realized what a lonely little loser Young Chicken, I mean Tom Brown was and decided to teach the boy all about Indian wrestling, by that I mean they rolled around for while shirtless and then he sodomized the boy. He probably was getting Tom to smoke his peace pipe repeatedly and hammering his totem pole into Tom's wampum beads. So while this stinky sweaty homeless guy from Indiana was pumping away on top of Tom, young Tom probably entered an altered state of consciousness where this homeless gay pedophile from ...more

Tall tales designed to make the man look good. Don't believe his stories though, they are all works of fiction. Tom cannot track as he claims, nor can he provide any shed of proof to confirm any of his background. Tom is a con man through and through right on down to the hypnotism tricks he uses on his classes. Hypnotism is not illegal, but definitely unethical, and when you lie about your background who cares about ethics, right? Tom Brown Jr is a liar, a thief, and a con man, don't support this fool.

Tom Brown Jr. Is simply a fraud. He should be #1 on this list.

My dad went to a class. Tom Brown is praised as a god by these people. Hypnotized and on drugs. Con-man and no proof that even my dad could give. It's all a cult.

6 Creek Stewart

This man is awesome! I love his new show " Fat guys in the woods"! He is inspiring to outdoorsman all over the world!

Dude is legit. Spent a week with him in the woods. Class act, stand up guy, will give you the shirt off his back after he teaches you how to make your own.

He dresses up like an idiot for every episode, fake leggings, stupid unfunctional hats that some Hollywood wardrobe employee said looked legit... He should stop saying he's an eagle scout it's embarrassing to us other Eagle Scouts

Just watched him teach guys to ration water in the desert. The best place to carry water is in your body. Ask real survival experts and ask medical professionals. The more dehydrated you get the less efficient you are both in your actions and in your bodily functions. Anyone that teaches water rationing is an expert at surviving a few hours, not weeks or months.

7 Payge McMahon

Never heard of her...

I do not believe that she is touted as a "survival expert"

Should not be on this list


8 Dave Canterbury

Liar, thief, stolen valor, felon, con artist. I went to his school, he was arrogant and so was the lead instructor, his wife was nice. His books are just reprints/rewording of old out of date/print woodsman and outdoors books from the early 1900's. He had a logo early on that he had stole and got caught and had to make another logo.

A compete phony I every way. Claims you can kill a deer with a $20 sling shot and couch potato experts buy the crap. He was caught lying about being an army ranger and never cleared the issue up. He still lies about being a ranger and only admits to "embellishing" his resume. A real dirt bag. Sure, trust this "survival expert" nobody heard of before 2009 in the woods with your kids

Dave candleberry has got to be the biggest survival "expert" fake in history. A sham artist with a gift for gab. I'm not surprised to see that people think he is an expert. I have noticed his followers are mostly the 14 to 20 year old age group... Its easy to impress kids.

Fake! I can't believe people think he is a wilderness survival "Expert". his rapid fire used car dealer voice is annoying in the extreme. Ill bet he was just as annoying in the Army.

9 Mykel Hawke Mykel Hawke Mykel Hawke is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer, author, and television and film personality.

Apparently I hit a nerve. It needs to be said Mykel. YOU and only you are responsible for the safety of YOUR family. As a former commander of men you know full well the responsibility lies with you and you ONLY. Stop blaming others for your bad and risky choices. The buck stops with you. No one made you and Ruth go on these risky endeavors. What would have happened if your chopper or plane went down getting to and from those locations? Who would you have blamed then? You're as money hungry as all the others. Putting yourselves in risky situations for money is not admirable no matter how you try to sugar coat it or point blame elsewhere. Say what you will about Teti, I care not. What I cannot stomach is your inability to recognize your own short comings but you're damn good at saying how evil others are. Your record is impressive, there is not doubt about that but you've blackened your reputation by what you are doing now. Like I wrote below, because of what you are doing and how you ...more

Total fake! Lazy outdoors, annoying egotistical clown. Cyber bully! Enjoys drinking urine and other than wearing ray bans and being a PX RANGER THIS NATIONAL GUARD, part-time is an exaggeration. This guys T.V. show sucked. Only thing hot about this clown is his wife.

Actually, I don't know why you are afraid to post your drivel as you don't even put a name to it. A COWARD just like teti. You have no idea of the situation as your wee confession hits no mark, but strays far into a desolate waste land. Captain Hawke has a duty to speak the TRUTH as so very many stand behind him. In less than a couple of months, Two TRUTH pages about teti have slowly grown in support of Captain Hawke and what he stands for. More and more men, who served with teti or who were in places where teti claimed and they never saw him, are stepping forward and telling tales of TRUTH that even Captain Hawke didn't know. Captain Hawke has been attacked throughout this entire ordeal and he stood alone for so long, but now, he has a dedicated army at his back. He didn't buy us, as teti brags about his 100,000. plus fans that are bought so easily thru FB. We stand strong with Captain Hawke because we all see what a FAKE, LIAR, THIEF, NARCISSIST, SOCIOPATH teti is. Anyone with half ...more

That's the best insult Mykel Hawke you're insane clown posse who represents your online insanity - can muster; that my breasts sag. Can you even get your insanity and verbal abuse against women you harass online straight, you had your trolls call my breasts fake back in May. I guess you harass and insult too many women online from what the women tell me - for you to keep straight what names and insults you give.

You have to be the biggest disappointment to both your family; however they probably don't have the courage to say so. Calling your wife a cow? Seriously? I believe it though, considering the things you say about my physical appearance and other women, which is none of your dam buisness you disgusting poor excuse for a man.

Jennifer Delgado, someone get the butterfly net for Mykel Hawke and commit him to the loonie bin, before he acts on these Malicious things he says which are a warning sign of potential violence against women. You DISGUST me. I'll send you a ...more

10 Les Stroud Les Stroud Les Stroud is a Canadian survival expert, filmmaker and musician best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and host of the television series Survivorman.

I've had the privilege to meet the man on a survival course last year and he is by far the most true to life survivalist with integrity for honest and raw survival scenarios captured for television. His show has helped countless people from as young children to older professionals survive situation by what he teaches and his philosophy. He is not alone. I believe there are others that represent survival as well as he does. However Les Stroud should NOT be on this list.

Fake and very obvious to anyone with even a modicum of bushcraft experience. He drinks dirty water, can't build shelters, tries to start fires with a gun (in the first episode! ).. the list goes on. A fan even proved an episode was completely faked when he went out to the location himself in Utah. Don't take Les Stroud's advice unless you want to get hurt. He does things for drama and fools buy into it. See Ray Mears for a real bushcraft expert and see the massive difference in approach and lessons taught.

This guy is the best. He actually shows you survival skills!

Les Stroud should be no where near this list. you go try to live on your own in the woods for seven days and film it


The Contenders

11 Ray Mears Ray Mears

Very informative, shows and explains techniques in great detail. Like learning from a supportive older uncle. None of this showman "I'm so Extreme and an alpha male surviver" bull like the American idiot survival types you see on these 'reailty' survival shows... no trying to go for the shock factor like Mr bear grylls watch me drink my own piss either. Just simple, interesting and informative shows

For overall survival knowledge, don't think too many can get near Ray mears.
Not a risk taker, but that's a plus in a survival situation.
Certainly would trust him to safely protect my family in any situation.

Very straightforward with no frills, and it works. Should not be on this list.

His number one survival skill is having 90 days of fat stores

12 Terry Schappert

, look at Mykel Hawke casting a negative vote for his so called "friend" Terry Schappert, just so he can post another one of his crazy diatribes against Joe Teti and his fans. So much for being an honorable guy right Hawke? Why not vote for yourself so your post isn't against your friend? Oh I know, it's because your EGO has clouded your judgment again. You are the biggest liar and fraud to ever infiltrate the Survival community. You SUCK.

This #1 slot is about TERRY SCHAPPERT not Mykel hawke. It seems to have morphed into a MH hate club.

Anyway, Terry DOES belong on this list as a fake survival expert. I had the misfortune of working with terry on the series dude your screwed in season 1. I tried to like terry but found him to be a very immature, self centered, conceited ego maniac with Absolutely NO wilderness skills or qualifications in the outdoors. He was simply hired for his big mouth and the "cool" factor of having an SF guy on the show. He is very skilled at making other people look bad so he looks better, and terry is probably the best guy I have ever seen at sucking up. He is SF qualified but that does not make him a survival expert. He has a long way to go before he can even be called a novice in the outdoors.

Tom Moore

No true wilderness skills or schools. He is an Army National Guard Special Forces operator, but that does not qualify you as a wilderness survival expert.

To the person that claims to be Tom Moore that wrote the nasty BS about Terry. FESS up Mykel Hawke, everyone knows you wrote that BS about Terry. It's got your handprints all over it. Now maybe Terry will figure you out for the phony that you really are.

13 Hazen Audel

Just got done watching a few of his shows...good god its horrid. There's no way you find that many wild animals in that amount of time. Just watched one where he had to "catch a fish" for a tribal offering. Time was getting short of course, You could tell they had hooked that fish on there and hed been dragging it, there was no damn fight in that fish at all, yet he acted like he just caught it, I'm pretty sure it was dead...

I can't believe how fake this survival show is. He just happened to find 2 "wild" unfertalized chicken eggs on a random island in the Pacific. You can tell everything he catches is set up and that he is following a script. can't believe people don't see how much they are being lied to on T.V.. Some people believe anything they see, I love nature shows but this one sets off my bs meter to the max.

In Africa : "This is probably not the safest place to be, if lava flows here, in case a volcanic eruption happens right now all the sudden while I'm talking. But this is not the only danger looming... bla bla bla... exhausted... bla bla bla... danger"
In Mustang : Oh, how I loved seeing him tripping and supposedly falling, because of nausea and vertigo!

Wait, is that a Bollywood production?
Lame and despicable!

Show looks pretty fake. Good advice, but I highly doubt his locations are where he says they are. He gets way closer to animals than anyone would in three days in the wild.

14 Ruth Hawke

I am a huge fan of yours Ruth which is why I am writing you. With all the Controversy your husband is stirring up... Are you not concerned with your image because you both are linked together? I'm worried for you and I don't know you. I hope his disturbing comments I keep seeing won't affect your future in entertainment. You seem like such a nice woman to have to put up with such nonsense from his online embarrassment. I hope you get another show at some point beyond this ridiculousness.

Who are these women he keeps corresponding with? They are saying all time they get their info straight from him. If I was I. Your position I wouldn't let my husband embarrass the family first off. And most definitely I wouldn't let him email other women much ess tokerate them bragging about corresponding with my husband online.

Ruth Hawke has no business on this list. She has skills dating back before even meeting her husband. A true back country survival guru. Calm presence, even demeanor.

Shes is a fraud...but she is hot enough that I don't really care.

Ruth Hawke is a genuine, sincere survivalist. A true asset to the community. - Albigenman

15 Ron Hood

Ron Hood was one of the first to make survival videos for the public on VHS. he is old school and did it on his own without national geographic or discovery channel. survival has become fashion statement and selling point for celebrities. Ron was in it before it was really even popular so watch him and see if you do not learn anything!

Ron had some long forgotten stolen valor issues several years ago also.

Who the heck is Ron Hood?

Ron Hood was a FAKE from the word go! Not only in survival, but the military as well.

16 Bill McConnell

Bill McConnell is NO idiot. He is as top a survival expert as Matt Graham, and he single handedly carried the weight for both he and Grady, taking care of Grady on multiple occasions, saving Grady's life, taking care of Grady when he was sick and finding food for both of them during their short-lived dual survival episodes together. I learned a lot merely watching him on the show. He is a very sincere and decent man and I think he and Matt Graham would be the IDEAL dual survivor team but the producers at Discovery simply have no spine and allow the bully minority of public opinion, like the idiot who comments here, that Bill is an idiot -(he's far from one), to decide for the rest of us what we get to watch. Bill is great guy, a rare, decent human being who took care of Grady in a phenomenal fashion all the while Grady was constantly griping and taking Bill for granted.

He's an idiot!

17 Eddie Ashcraft
18 EJ 'Skullcrusher' Snyder

I m Not sure who the poster of that comment is but that's a flat out lie. Jealous Haters, lmao. Must be why you have no name!

Although being a tank feet EJ is a fraud. I Myself have been with him in the wild and therefore I found out that he had a jeep full of food water and dead animals.

19 Jeff Martin


20 Richard Proenneke

I could watch his movie a million times. I wish it was longer and offered more detail.

The best ever

21 Ed Stafford

Seems the real deal

22 Blayne Ray
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