Mykel Hawke

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Mykel Hawke is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer, author, and television and film personality.


Monique Marie, funny thing hun, you accuse Joe of buying votes. Well, if you look at his FB page, and we all know that you do, you won't see a link to this site. But you posted links all over the bogus Joe pages and even are using Cody Lundin pages for links to here. Sad thing for Cody fans though. You never put a link on his page so his fans could cast a vote for him as being the best survivalist did you? No, because you have always used Cody and his fans for your own purposeful gains, right? And you certainly wouldn't want to see your friend Cody beat Mykel in this poll would you? You are disingenuous to say the least. So I challenge you right now. PUT A LINK ON CODYS PAGE TO VOTE FOR THE BEST SURVIVALIST in this poll. Come on, you can do it! You all profess to stand behind Cody and his firing from DS, show his fans you are true to them.

This guy is no more then a head-case. Sooner or later it will catch up to him. He and his three followers spend all day posting on fake Joe fb page's. They also harass him and even went as far as to harass Kerry Patton on his own blog page after Kerry busted him using fake profiles to say how great he is (very sick. ) I'm amazed he has even found three followers but one Monique lolz look at her profile pix squatting on a sword (lovely) j whatever illiterate whoever runs that page. Keep crying and posting. Funny thing is Joe gets more likes on a post then they have on their fake page's. Now just imagine if he was immature enough to post to his fans to vote here. The three stooges would get buried. But being successful is way more important then talking to yourself.

Get lost Hawke! There isn't a damn thing you can do about this. YOU started it! This isn't Joe so stop trying to deflect it back on to him. I happen to think you are a lousy survivalist. My opinion, period. You have no control over what anyone says about you on this site. You can't delete our opinions. Whether you win this poll or not, I could care less, because you are getting a taste of you're own medicine. DISMISSED!

Mykel Hawke is a nut case. He is a real lose cannon with only a couple of followers and the use a list each of fake profiles to back themselves up in conversations against Joe Teti, who other than Hawke's camp claims, has biult primitive hunting gear and brought home plenty of meat, made lots of shelter, and has created fires in various ways. Hawke stalks people online, including women, bullying them and threatening to set them up in a way "way bigger than Facebook" when he is called out for his behavior. He has no credibility and I think he has only had sucess in the past because everyone likes his wife's personality and strength and she is an inspiration for women. While Hawke is begging people to come here and fote for Joe Teti, Joe has not even mentioned this voting arena because he does not ask things like that and is truely a genuine guy. Anyone that visits Joe's Facebook page can see that he is in touch with his fans as much as possible, while Hawke and his crew of robots spend ...more - RachelMichelle

MH, is a jealous, lying, deceitful person, who twists facts to make himself look good. I know the truth. He exaggerates and uses many innocent families as his platform. It's time for him to move on with his life. God is the only one who he has to face in the end.

MH criticizes other people on television but heaven forbid anyone criticize him for his serious bad choices from his adventures with his lovely wife. Remember the episode on Man, Woman, Wild, where Ruth got critically ill where she was vomiting so much she couldn't keep anything down? I recall Mykel saying he was going to have her evacuated but did not. Ruths life was in danger. Why has no one ever called him on that? Mykel is good at pointing fingers at others but has more than a few flaws of his own he should be deeply concerned about. I admired him once but after his petty and obsessively vengeful bahaviour over the last couple of years, I have lost respect for the man. His actions are no better than the man he is judging.

The only people Mykel Hawke can find for his retarded smear campaign are the likes of Monique Marie. She's the one squatting down like she's ready to take a dump, posing with a sword. I think I saw a moth fly out of her crotch. Honestly, I don't know how you're wife puts up with you and your craziness! Get a life Captain, you've made an ass out of yourself.

I cannot believe in a million years that a grown man would act like a high school girl that's been scorned. Every fan that backs MH up needs to get a life already. Do any of them work? What a bunch of degenerates. Let it go already. Get some help.

The madness continues. On the 13th anniversary of 9/11 I went to the fake Joe pages in hopes of seeing a nice tribute to the fallen of that horrific day. The post started out nice enough but then it turned into nothing but hatred for veteran Joe Teti, saying how he failed America, tainting the post entirely. Ironic isn't it? To fail to drop your hatred for one post and separate your obsession with revenge from honouring the fallen. Complete and utter failure. Despicable, desperate, tasteless and heartless.

Mykel Hawke, you know nothing about survival. Joe Teti is the Master of it. After all, Joe has survived 2 years of you're harassment and lies, yet he still maintains his Honor and Dignity through it all. That, my friend is what I call a REAL SURVIVALIST!

Mykel Hawke writes his own flattering reviews. He trashes Cody for not wearing shoes and he criticizes other people for drinking their urine but he did that on Man Woman Wild! What a big lying HYPOCRITE! And when the truth comes out, it will be Hawke that has egg on his face!

So Hawke, remember last month when you said something big is gonna POP? Well, you jackass, what is it? So far the only thing that hasn't "Popped" is that hideous growth on Angela Dulings face. When ya gonna pop that one? You're always playing the same old reruns on you're fake pages, blah blah blah blah BLAH! Boring! Time to get a life Hawke! Haha

I don't care about anything but if someone is going to be involved with trash like that pig Monique and that girl with the growth on her face Angela and Patricia from trailer park welfare cheese something is for certain wrong with them other then being a survivalist fraud.

This man Mykel Hawke is a liar and a fraud. He has no survival skills whatsoever. He is enraged with jealousy and envy toward a good honest man that served our Country with pride and honor. Mykel Hawke should be ashamed of himself. I feel so sorry for his wife and family to have live with his craziness everyday. They have my sympathy. Cast your here for MYKEL HAWKE! By the way he drinks piss!

I always thought this guy was a jerk. Look at the way he spoke to his wife on the show. I did follow some of the posts and I can certainly see this guy creating fake profiles he's that much of a head-case. Certainly disrespectful and rude. I bet his wife doesn't know his involvement with that weird girl squating on a sword. What a loser. You get my vote as a fraud because you seem to not know anything and I couldn't sit through five minutes listening to your arrogance.

I think Mykel Hawke is psychotic. Even a well known Journalist thinks he is nuts. He will probably never work in the entertainment industry because he scares the hell out of people. He is a danger to himself and others. He should be sent to Bellevue for a complete mental health evaluation. Hopefully, on an inpatient basis. He needs help. Won't someone please help him? PLEASE?

This man is trash in our book! You make comments or have them made for you calling someone and making an accusation to hurt ones image because you think they don't agree with you. Harass woman on social media. You are no more a survivalist as you are a man. Coward! When they get the information needed you will pay dearly and anyone involved with those profiles. We also dedicate ourselves to bullied children and abused woman. Your sick comments directly effected us!
Warzone mma and self defense

I like Bear Grylls more than Mykel Hawke. at least Bear didn't have any crying to do about jumping into ice cold water in the snow and ice.

I think it would mess up Hawkes makeup.

Mykel Hawke is a narcissist. When he's not on his computer spewing lies and hate about an honest man, he's busy painting self portraits. I pity his lovely wife who doesn't deserve a screwball like him.

Quit mentioning the death of the mutual friend. MH did blame Joe and it is absolutely out of line that he did that. It should never have been mentioned EVER. And that dead friend would have never wanted it to have happened either. Drop it now!

I knew they wouldn't stop. I also knew they would mess up with someone. The whole clan are weirdo wanna be vigilantes. I guess they don't know your family? Let me say this "I am willing to bet whoever wrote what Gianna said will be wishing they didn't."

You should've stuck to Joe. He's a coward. These guy's won't put up with it.

Hello Mykel. This is a challenge for you and you're pals. Since you posted a link from Cody Lundins FB page to this site, don't you think in return you should post a link on that FB page to the vote for best survivalist? You claim to "Have is back" and took his side when he got fired. You use his fans and his FB page all the time to do you're dirty work, so why not do the right thing and post it. If you are such an honorable man, let's see you do it for Cody and his fans. Yes, it may be to far into the voting process, but Cody deserves a shot at it too. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to survival. - melrosen

Anyone who claims to be a 4x green beret does not have the psychological capacity to be an acclaimed survivalist other than maybe surviving a mental ward.

It's time to get some sleep Mykel! You've been up all night clicking away! HAHA! I guess this vote really did get to you now didn't it? LMAO! - lejla

Mykel Hawke is a real Tool. He is a disgrace and embarrassment to the SF community. His lonely days are spent on his computers with multiple fake personalities and fake FB pages. I pity his wife and children. He is self destructing. Get a life Hawke. - johndoejanedoe