Top Ten Fakest Reality Shows


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1 Keeping Up With the Kardashians

It's my guilty pleasure, but please, it doesn't seem real.

The fakest thing on that show is Kim.

It's about as fake as pro wrestling - BrianScott01

2 Next
3 The Hills

Even if it was staged, I still love the crap out of it. Biggest guilty pleasure!

4 Parental Control

someone always ends up being called a b**** or other term. Who does that? Happens in every episode. - Chickenlegs

5 The Simple Life

paris hilton and nicole richie's lives are not really that true - ronluna

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6 J*****s (MTV with Jonny Knoxville)

I really don't get why this show is on this list. This is one of the few reality shows that is reality. You can't fake the stupid things people done on that show.

7 Jersey Shore Jersey Shore Jersey Shore is an American reality television series which ran on MTV from December 3, 2009 to December 20, 2012 in the United States.
8 Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

Get this to number 1 please - BigBrotherSucks

9 Duck Dynasty

Don't get me wrong, it's a decent show, but... I don't know. Some parts seem real, but some really REALLY don't.

10 Lizard Lick Towing

Awesome show

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? The Jerry Springer Show The Jerry Springer Show The Jerry Springer Show, also known as Jerry Springer, or just Springer, is an American syndicated tabloid talk show hosted by Jerry Springer, a former politician.

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11 The Big Brain Theory

That title is the ripoff of big BANG theory.

12 Celebrity Big Brother
13 Hardcore Pawn
14 Operation Repo
15 Pawn Stars

If this were real, Chumlee would of been fired, even if he was a friend to the co-owner's son.

16 The Bachelor
17 Laguna Beach
18 Room Raiders
19 Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen
20 Dating Naked

This is a show...?

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1. Big Brother
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3. Celebrity Big Brother
1. Duck Dynasty
2. Jersey Shore
3. J*****s (MTV with Jonny Knoxville)



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