Best Fallout 4 Companions

Fallout 4 is a great game and here are some great companions in the game.

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1 Dogmeat

Man's best friend, even in the wasteland. Do anything and the dog won't judge you. Dog meat is especially useful too. He can trap enemies by biting their arms or legs and you can finish them off. Dogmeat is a great virtual pet I guess you can call him that I dunno. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

He would be better if he could fight alongside a companion, but they desided to cut that don't ask me why.

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2 Nick Valentine

Really like this guy. He's witty and just bada**. It's great having him along when you have to hack terminals higher than your level or you're just too lazy to hack them. He is also good with lock picks as well. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Best companion of all time he can hack MASTER TERMINALS! I will never change him until I find another one who also can hack master terminals

Who could be better than a synth detective

Nick just sucks

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3 Paladin Danse

Whats more awesome than a guy in power armor with a laser rifle? A guy in T-60 power armor with a laser rifle and in the Brotherhood of Steel. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

He may be useful in combat but his loyalty to the Brotherhood is unrealistic and idiotic You are simply not a cool cat Paladin

Just a absolute tank with a Gatling laser

He is awesome

4 Piper Wright

A awesome and nosy news reporter. Give her the right weapons and she will blow away any enemy - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Great for exp when you go to new places. Plus I love the dialogue she has with little interactions. Love the nicknaming of the main character.

She's not the best in a firefight, but I don't really care. My guy has ballistic weave MKV over a full set of heavy polymer combat armor (-helmet, that's ballistic weave MKV trilby hat) so I'm like in constant t-45 without being in t-45. She's very vocal in any environment. Most interactive companion. She's like a way cooler versio of Nick. I don't like nick. Dunno why.

5 Codsworth

Codsworth feels like the last family member you have in a post apocalyptic and nuclear world

This Mr. Handy robot has been waiting for you for 200 years. That makes him loyal as hell! Also he's pretty tough. He's almost as tough as a Mr. Gutsy. He also gives you purified water and sometimes tells corny jokes... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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6 John Hancock

Hancock has the apocalyptic attitude of help those in need and kill those who need killing, which I like. Plus Hancock has a comedic personality that makes him more cool than Deacon, and I like Deacon. But what really makes him cool is that he is not characterless and obnoxious like Strong and Preston.

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7 Cait

Can't says you act nice to her in one of her lines when really all you do for her is Pickpocket, Take Drugs, Be Naked, And be a complete jerk to Sheffield. Get her affinity so low she leaves you, then after that murder her.

A psychopath who will destroy anything in her path - SirSkeletorThe3rd

8 Preston Garvey

An epic minuteman. He's also the leader of the Minutemen too. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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9 Curie

A French (hon hon hon baguette Eiffel Tower) Mr. Handy Robot found in Vault 81. She gives you a serum to save a little boy from dying. Or you can use it in yourself and the boy will die you heartless animal. I'm sure that of you give the serum to the boy Curie will become a follower. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

She has a sexy accent, despite being a synth.

10 Deacon

How is Deacon below Preston, Deacon is my third favourite

I once spied on Deacon when he was changing disguises. He actually strips off before he puts on a new costume.
*wolf whistle*

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The Contenders

11 MacCready

Great companion I like the side quests that come with him, also his personality is very likeable. - JangoFett3

12 Strong

A dim-witted yet useful Super Mutant. He can destroy everything in his path. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Strong is not nearly as cool as Fawkes or Lily

Strong is the funniest companion I've ever seen

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13 Porter Gage

I think is is essential if you wanna play as a villain

Great character with a great backstory. He makes Nuka World better.

14 Old Longfellow

How is he so low on the list, unlike some companions (X6-88, Preston) he has an intriguing back story. Is companion quest out does all 4 of the others. I mean what's not like about a rough character like himself. He is definitely one of the highlights of the Far Harbor DLC

He may be DLC but he is really useful

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15 Casey Kessler V 1 Comment
16 Ada
17 X6-88

He's so bad he shouldn't even be on this list.

He is npt bad but he weapon sucks plus not many people side with institute

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