Best Fallout 4 Perks

Your favorite perks in Fallout 4!! Any tree is available.

The Top Ten

1 Mysterious Stranger

Basically the most OP thing ever - ONHOLIDAY

2 Aquaboy/Aquagirl

No rads from water is insanely helpful - ONHOLIDAY

3 Intimidation

As a stealth character, it is super underrated, but in general it is good for all characters - ONHOLIDAY

4 Local Leader

Best way to keep settlements going - ONHOLIDAY

5 Gun Nut

More gun mods=more FUN - ONHOLIDAY

6 Hacker

Basically a way to get more loot - ONHOLIDAY

7 Locksmith

Same as hacker but with locks - ONHOLIDAY

8 Grim Reaper's Sprint

This is good for getting out of a jam - ONHOLIDAY

9 Sneak

Higher levels of this are insanely great for people who can't see mines(me) - ONHOLIDAY

10 Pain Train

More of a personal favorite, it is fun to just ran people in your power armor - ONHOLIDAY

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