Top 10 Fallout 4 Weapons

Fallout 4 has a vastly different weapons system than previous installments of the game, but several weapons stand out from the rest. What is your favorite weapon?
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1 Big Boy

I hate when youtubers are like the last minutes is the best because its not, the fat man has and always will be the best in all the series. How many last minute rounds do you need to probably a couple of rounds to the head same with overseers guardian it's strong but not devestating and both weapons can't multikill. Now how many round with a fat man more than likely just one. Now sure you can boost the damage of both guardian and railgun but only with one perk, the rifleman. ( were not counting the sneak attack boost perks or critical boost perks because fat man can get those also) now lets see how many perks does the fat man benefit from, oh yeah that's right not one not two but 3 whom perks can significantly boost the damage of the fat man. The heavy weapons perk, the explosives perk, and the nuclear perk. That's a whole lotta hurt! Also I hate when people take into account ammo for best weapons because ammo has nothing to do with how good a weapon is at killing. Remember best ...more

This is why I play fallout when I first started I thought never was gonna but it but now I have it so badass

You kill yourself a lot when you use it.

2 Ashmaker
3 Kremvh's Tooth

Most interesting weapon in the game hands down

My favorite melee weapon.

4 Furious Power Fist

Furious Power Fist + Jet + Psyco = Best unarmed build

5 Overseer's Guardian

I was walking around Good neighbor and one of the guards was like "you call that a gun? " While I was holding the Overseer's guardian. I was pissed.

If modded, it can be a devastating gun

It is a great gun

The Last minuite is the best

6 Railway Rifle
7 Cryolator
8 Le Fusil Terribles

Awesome gun but the recoil sucks

This will destroy you

Very powerful

9 Super Sledge

The haetted one

10 Kellogg's Pistol

This is a great weapon because you get it no matter what and you do and you can not not miss it

With pistol perks, and weapon mods, this easily becomes one of the best weapons in the game

How is the super sledge higher than this?

I regret selling it for a pipe weapon.

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11 Spray n' Pray

Explosive tommy gun w/ silencer, especially when I beefed it up, most effective thing in the game

Very powerful gun with easy to get ammo, that you can buy quite early.

Carried me through the minutemen story and it’s fun to use

It the best

12 Deliverer

Some weapons I don't get like how the ash makers on here and the spray n pray and the overseers guardian are all overrated overseers guardian doesn't do double damage and reduce the accuarcy
incidenary affect sucks
just get a explosive pipe rifle much better than the spray n pray
the 2 shot junk jet? that's a real weapon

Deals secret damage if you wear a tux

Great for killing ghouls

13 The Last Minute
14 Minigun

Very strong gun really fast and do much damage can destory car really quickly and kill deathclaw really quickly.

15 Alien Blaster
16 Grognak's Axe
17 Laser Musket
18 10mm

The 10mm is a great gun especially in the beginning at concord

19 Righteous Authority

One of or the best

20 Pickman's Blade

Causes so much damage that increases over time with poison.

Hell yeah this is top 5 for me

21 Homemade Rifle
22 Pipe Pistol

All pipe weapons without mods suck

23 Fat Man

My opinion is the opionion it's the opinion I'm giving ritgh now

24 Two Shot Rifle

This weapon owns

25 Gauss Rifle

Uses 2mm round 110 damage

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