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1 Old World Blues (Fallout New Vegas)

This whole DLC is just HILARIOUS on top of having a great plot. Big MT had many interesting location to explore like the X-13 Test Site and the Y-17 Trauma Center. This is a must have DLC for the full New Vegas experience. 9.5/10 - Cosmic558

2 Point Lookout (Fallout 3)

This DLC is my favorite aspect of any of the Fallout games. It always gives me a sense of comfort, I don't quite know why.

Point Lookout provides a fantastic new world to Fallout 3. The characters are very well designed and the story is amazing. I recomend playing the quests such as The Velvet Curtain, The Dark Heart of Blackhall and Walking with spirits. A very good DLC to have when you want to have more exploration. - Cosmic558

3 Broken Steel (Fallout 3)

Broken Steel is arguably the most necessary DLC. After defeating the enclave at Project Purity and staring up the Purifier. You wake up two weeks later and are tasked with defeating the enclave once and for all. This DLC gives Fallout 3 a nice wrap up and allows you to keep playing after it finishes. 9/10 - Cosmic558

4 Lonesome Road (Fallout New Vegas)

Lonesome Road is the final chapter in the Couriers story. You venture into the Divide, after being contacted by Ulysses and have to fight all the way through the divide until your final confrontation with Ulysses. The Divide is great map for high level players who want a new challenge and interesting enimies. 9/10 - Cosmic558

5 Far Harbor (Fallout 4)

At the end you have to make a difficult choice. All outcomes have their positives but you can't help feel that you may have made the wrong choice even the obvious "good" endings leave you with some guilt

Far Harbor is the second major DLC in Fallout 4 and it brought a new world to explore outside of the commonwealth. You venture into Far Harbor trying to make peace with the lands villagers and tribals. The worlds adds new enemies and new very interesting side quests, Brain Dead is one who should defiantly checkout. A very nice DLC for Fallout 4 however it heavily copied Piont Lookout from Fallout 3. 8.5/10 - Cosmic558

6 Honest Hearts (Fallout New Vegas)

Its an amazing section of the Mojave showing new people and an interlocking story to the start of the legian

7 The Pitt (Fallout 3)
8 Nuka World (Fallout 4)

How is far harbour better?!

9 Dead Money (Fallout New Vegas)
10 Operation Anchorage (Fallout 3)

The Contenders

11 Automatron (Fallout 4)
12 Mothership Zeta (Fallout 3)
13 Vault-Tec Workshop (Fallout 4)
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