Top 10 Fallout New Vegas Weapons

The Top Ten

1 Golbi Campaign Sniper

It is so beautiful and is my go to weapon against anything

This weapon should not be first it should be last

2 Alien Blaster

You can literally take on anything with this weapon. It easily can take out an entire casino of thugs in minutes and whip out the BrotherHood of steel at Hidden Valley bunker with ease.

3 Riot Shotgun
4 Anti-Material

This is the best gun in the game what the heck

This was voted #1 by almost everyone who plays it has the most damage per shot for any rifle in the game far surpassing the gobi campaign rifle

5 Assault Carbine
6 This Machine
7 Fat Man
8 Mysterious Magnum
9 Gauss Rifle
10 Katana

The Contenders

11 Pushy
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