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1 Profanity was banned in 2015

I've been censored far more harshly in comments these past few months, sure, profanity was always banned, but it's gotten stricter in some ways. - keycha1n

TheTopTens has been around since 2005. Profanity has never been allowed. Simple as that. - HenchmanNo2

Nah, it was always banned. It just got a stricter re-enforcement - styLIShT

No it wasn't, was it? - jmepa1234

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2 The administration does not listen to users

Patently false. The administration does listen to and consider user feedback. This does not mean that the administration puts into place every suggestion that is made or changes course every time someone makes an objection. It's not possible to do everything everyone wants. - HenchmanNo2

I've said "Hello! " to the admin before and s/he replied. I couldn't think of something to say after that, so I left the conversation hanging. - Merilille

This is true in theory, but I have often received no reply to a question or concern. - PetSounds

No, Admin replies to messages. - mistyglow

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3 Criticism of users is not allowed

Fair, civil criticism of the opinions of others is certainly allowed. Personally attacking another user is not. If you do not agree with someone's ordering of a list or their reasoning for voting a certain way, it's perfectly fine to explain why. Saying they're are stupid because of their opinion is not. - HenchmanNo2

I've found this regulation to be suitably flexible regarding what I've said about most users, however, there are some cases where this regulation goes too far, and it allows the quality of the site to worsen under that person's influences. That's what makes me unhappy about it, and I can understand why so many other respected users are unhappy too. - PositronWildhawk

Harsh criticism or personal attacks are far more lead to animosity, retaliation, and further disputes than they are to cause a person to change their actions for the better.

So, unless the immediate result of criticizing someone is they stop contributing to the site altogether, allowing these types of personal attacks is highly unlikely to have a positive effect on the quality of the site. And even then, it is questionable whether or not the site is better off by having fresh faces run off whenever an established set of trolls decides to go on the offensive. - HenchmanNo2

Fair, unbiased, lawful criticism is allowed.

This isn't true because I've been criticised - jmepa1234

4 TheTopTens staff doesn't know why the site was created

When complaining about various aspects of the site, users love to remind the people who created the site why they feel the site was created. Ironically, without any sense of irony. - HenchmanNo2

I think they do - TwilightKitsune

5 TheTopTens staff wants to censor the Internet

The internet is a vast network of interconnected computers that people can use to access or share information. TheTopTens believes the Internet should remain open. The individual's ability to visit the sites they choose should not be restricted. Additionally, individuals should be able to create their own websites with whatever information they choose and those sites should be accessible to anyone who wants to view them. Of course, each individual bears the responsibility for their online actions, but the freedom to make them should be available.

TheTopTens is not "the Internet". TheTopTens is a single location connected to the Internet. The owners of TheTopTens have every right to determine how they want their own site to function. Claiming otherwise is akin to someone spray painted graffiti all over your house and then accusing you of censorship when you clean it off. - HenchmanNo2

6 List rankings reflect the views of TheTopTens staff

Frequently, when a list is ranked differently from what a visitor expects, they accuse the staff of injecting personal bias. The staff has been accused of being Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Jewish, Anti-Semitic, and many more.

The truth is, all lists on TheTopTens are ranked according to an algorithm that takes into account votes and remixes. Like all visitors, admins are able to vote on or remix lists, but they are bound by the same rules as other users and their input is given zero additional weight. - HenchmanNo2

I've never thought this - except for the Overrated Users list that is... - Britgirl

7 TheTopTens staff reviews every bit of content posted to the site

The truth is, it is not practical to manually read through the thousands of submissions the site receives each and every day. Much of that content is posted without ever having been reviewed by a human moderator. Some is set aside for someone to look at.

So if you see a comment or a post you object to, or if your comment doesn't show up on the site immediately, before you fly off the handle and accuse the staff of bias, censorship, or hypocrisy, bear in mind the truth of the matter is far less dramatic. - HenchmanNo2

8 The administration violates users' right to free speech

Some people falsely believe their right to free speech entitles them to say whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. The simple fact is there are limits to free speech.

For starters, there is abundant legislation regarding incitement, slander, obscenity, threatening language, bullying, and copyright. Secondly, nobody at your local news station is going to let you walk on to a live set and say whatever you want and nobody is going to accuse them of violating your rights when they deny you. People do not have give up their rights in order to facilitate yours. - HenchmanNo2

I think there should be - jmepa1234

Some users just take too much advantages of freedom of speech,freedom of speech is not a good reason to insult others. - SamuiNeko

Freedom of speach is only subject to government funded sites or anything regarding the government and due to the fact this site is a privately owned business you can get censored if they find that you have violated their terms of service. don't exercise your rights if you don't even know what they are or what they mean.

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9 TheTopTens staff makes arbitrary decisions

Users love to accuse the staff of doing whatever they want, implying decisions are made on a whim. The truth is, the staff does do what they want. TheTopTens staff WANTS to do what is best for the site. They want the site to build on its 10 year history and continue to grow. They want to make people happy and keep them coming back. So, yeah, they do make decisions based on what they want, but that doesn't mean they are made in a vacuum or without a thought given to the ramifications of those decisions. - HenchmanNo2

10 Bot-voting is a serious problem

Another false belief born from false assumptions.

There are two likely causes for people to believe the site suffers from being overrun by spam votes. First, visitors watching the feed will see an influx of votes for a particular item on a list and assume that someone is tying to game the rankings. Often times, they are right. Someone is attempting to manipulate the voting by using one of many automated voting tricks. But, they are erroneously assuming that all of those votes are being counted. TheTopTens has multiple spam vote detection measures that are used to check votes before they are recorded, but are not applied to the feed.

The second is that some lists occasionally do experience surges in popularity that can appear to be bot-like. So while the feed may look like it is being overrun by hackers, in actuality, each of those many votes are tied to an individual visitor voicing their opinion. - HenchmanNo2

If what you say is true, how does "Top 10 Worst World Leaders" have a single listing with 211%, along with several others adding the total up to around 450%.
You may block "some" of the bot-voting, but you do not block it all.

The percentages on the list have been fixed and the problem was unrelated to bot-voting. - HenchmanNo2

"Happening Now" is looped, so it looks like it's being spam voted when really the thing only got one vote.

I was trying to figure out how to bot vote until I read that

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1. The administration does not listen to users
2. TheTopTens staff doesn't know why the site was created
3. Profanity was banned in 2015
1. Profanity was banned in 2015
2. TheTopTens staff wants to censor the Internet
3. Criticism of users is not allowed


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