False Stereotypes About Americans and the USA

Stereotypes of the United States are horrible and untrue.
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1 U.S.A. Only Cares About Itself

Definitely not. I was born in the United States and I live in Australia. I have friends here. I'm just one American example, and I love America as much as the next guy, but I love Australia too, my Australian friends and my girlfriend. But I will always be American.

So not true. So many Americans go to other countries to help them in times of need, such as after natural disasters and etc. They also offer to help even countries they don't exactly like.

The United States of America and Americans care for everyone as well as themselves. Plus, even the American soldiers care for non Americans as well as their country and they own kind.

Is this the whole world revolves around America?
Everything is America, America, America.

2 Most Americans Are Fat

My mom would love it if I put on weight, since I think I'm kind of lagging behind on weight and height. Not my fault, blame my genes and DNA and stuff ;-;

Of course there are tons of fat people here. There are also tons of fat people in Canada. There are tons of fat people in the UK, there are tons of fat people around the globe not just in the USA. By the way, there are TONS of ripped guys and fit girls here too, but people only notice a few fat people and all the sudden all Americans are fat to foreigners.

I've gone around the country counting people who are fat, and it's actually only about 1 out of 8 people. Yes, there are some chubby people here, but there are everywhere. BESIDES, America is only the THIRD fattest country in the world...it's a fact! Samoans have the highest rate of fatness: over 90%. NINETY PERCENT!

More than half of the population is overweight or obese in Untited states, that is a fact. When you count obese people on the street, it is false. Most fatties stay in the couch instead of being on the street. Besides, the American definition of "fat" is not as broad as the health institutes definitions are.

3 Americans Are Racist

Racism is the act of judging people based on their race, usually a race you assume they are based on their physical appearance. Racism was a trait that humans evolved to have to judge if someone/something is a threat. The only reason that there is racism is because some people believe that there might be a threat (as well as economical and money separations). Racism can be found anywhere, and is everywhere, not just America.

Don't you guys just love how people say americans are racist but proceed to say stuff like 'All americans are racist' 'All Americans are arrogant'

Never have I heard so much scolding of racism anywhere else. In fact, America is Anti-Racism, and has huge races all across the Country called "Race Against Racism" where money is raised to help those affected by it.

I'm from Lebanon, and most people there are ten times more racist than Americans. They look down on blacks, Indians, and other minorities.

4 Americans Are Stupid

If Americans are stupid, then how did they invent lots of things: e.g. Google, Newer touch screen technologies, childhood T.V. shows and movies, food, sodas, and so on. Why do Americans get labeled as being stupid? Oh wait! Americans are NOT STUPID at all! (I'm not from America and I'm not American as well).

Some of the smartest people in history are Americans. Plus, the teachers at my schools are absolutely wise and AMAZING absolute GENIUSES. I feel so proud to go to my school. The students? Tons of bright ones. I am not worried for America's future of smartness...at least in my county.

Possibly American idiots when it was May 21st 2011.
or just pity seeing as one wasted $140,000 of his life savings to warn others.
Biggest idiot was the one who made it up but he's not around anymore Harold Camping. He died in 2011.

No, we're actually quite intelligent not as intelligent as the UK but still quite intelligent. We're not all brain dead zombies that don't know 2+2. A lot of famous Americans are the opposite of stupid. Just pointing that out.

5 Americans Are Horrible to Nature

Hi, I live in Florida and was born and raised here I was going through the comments and just wanted to add my opinion. The reason we are trying to preserve land now is because we are finally realizing that we destroyed too much of it and now to many animals are going extinct. Another reason is because the land that we are preserving are the last of its kind like the everglades and how we are "trying" to preserve it is because they're not many other places like it in America.

A lot of the biggest, most beautiful nature reserves are found in America. And although Americans do litter, there are also tons of litter groups who come through several times a year to clean it all up. Also, I find tons of people coming together right now in my County to save a forest that is being sold, all protesting to stop developers. And people say we don't care for nature? Like 70% of the world's nature books are American!

In my opinion, America is nice to nature. I live in Tennessee and it is home to the worlds BIGGEST nature reserve, The Great Smokey Mountains, it got a record breaking 307.2 MILLION visits in 2015! Americans litter sometimes, but people often come and pick it up and throw in the bin, so this is just completely wrong.

No, we have very smart people here. It's just the people who want us to be like the rest of the world by letting in these low grade immigrants are bringing down our intelligence level.

6 Americans Are Arrogant and Ignorant

In places that I go, all around America, people are very nice, creative, and welcoming. People that come here from other countries, not just see stereotypes about us online, say we're awfully nice. However, like in every country, a good 20 or so percent can be pretty nasty at times. But most Americans have good hearts.

This is untrue. I have made some fantastic American friends. They hardly talk about how America is at all, in fact I find their modesty quite sweet. It's ME who keeps going on about how special England is. We have banter, mocking each others' countries but that's all it is. Leave them alone!

Well, to be fair, a majority of people in the town I live in fit in that category. But that does not mean ALL Americans are arrogant and ignorant.

This is not true at all! Some of the nicest people I have ever come across are American.

7 Americans Are Always Loud

Maybe in cities, but not in rural areas. Families in America like to sing together at dinner time, and scream and laugh during games, but they are quiet when they know they should be. It's just that we have fun, not that we're obnoxious.

I knew a girl who used to live in America, she had the loudest voice in the whole class.

Americans speech is loud as shouting and how great they are.

Well I read about America doesn't really like quietness.

8 U.S.A. Doesn't Mind Its Own Business

There are SO MANY self-related battles going on in my country right now. People are not just standing back and letting our problems go. And the U.S. doesn't really oftenly barge into other countries' business. When our allies need help, we go and help them, etc. But when wars start non-related to us, a perfect example being WW2, we will at least stand by for a while and only go in when the time is right.

You just complained that we DON'T intervene in foreign affairs enough in the above comment. Shut your damn trap.

My friends love me for my devotion to my job.

Why is it your business what us in Canada are wearing do you think it's winter all the time it's stupid

9 Americans Are Trolls

A ton of Americans are trolls. It's a fact. But tons more aren't. Some don't even have computers, like the Amish, which are EVERYWHERE where I live. Lots of people from other countries are trolls. For example, Indians...they love to bash our country when they have more problems than we do. The nastiest comments I've ever seen online were not of Americans. Stop the stereotypes people!

Baby Boomers and Gen X's are internet trolls the way they bully people younger than them on the internet.

Trolls? I don't remember telling goats off for going across a bridge. Or lying to people on the internet.

Vote on me so that I can get a bunch of points please.

10 Americans Are Obsessed With Guns

It depends on the person. Think of it as clothing. Some people would have something as an fashion emergency while others prefer not to have at all. (horrible example I know) Besides, its usually people down south who would have guns (hunting and stuff) or psychopath. Also having a gun also make you look badass so...

Well Wal*Mart and banning Kinder Surprise for probably giving it to a kid under the age of 4.

Rednecks are and members of the nga

I don't even have a gun!

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11 America Is Overrated

You think that you are the only country in the world that has rights and that is free? Let me tell you that Europe have more rights to express themselves ( America is full of censorship ) and we have more freedom than Americans ( America is almost a policestate with all the controls you get ). So, yes, America is overrated. But please, don't get me wrong, there are many things in America that I love ( but also too many things that I hate ). I know a lot of Americans who are living in Europe now and none of them wants to go back in their country. The main reasons I hear from them is that there's a lack of freedom compared to Europe and that many things in America are phoney.

It's overrated. Mainly the people who live there because they don't know better exept for what the so-called " true for them" media tells them. They think that Europe is still living in Worlwar II conditions, that they number one in everything. Number one in what? They can't have a proper working Healthcare for their so-called " United " states, they're still stucked in an obsolete metric system etc...but that doesn't hold them back to call themselves the most powerful, best, great, number one country in the world. Sure, there are worse countries but to believe that this is the greatest ( actually Trump will make it " great " again ) country of the world to live in is a bunch of crap.

"Not true. People here are free. We have rights. Complaints exist, yes. But I know people from different countries, and when I ask them "What is the best country you ever lived in? " They say "Here. " Someone from World War 2 that had visited dozens of European and other world countries and was non-American said to my class "Be glad you live here, because this is the best place and the best country on the earth".

Best country on earth aye?
1.Just saying that is a little arrogant in itself (but I respect his or her opinion)
2.America maybe free but it's not the country with the highest freedom (New Zealand is little fun fact)
3.America killed 80,000 people in the Hiroshima atomic bomb incident
4.America has killed thousands of innocents in Iraq
5.One of the biggest co2 produces
6.Most in dept country on the planet
7. America has more inequality than China and Russia.

America may have some good aspects but it certainly is far of from being ...more

Not true. People here are free. We have rights. Complaints exist, yes. But I know people from different countries, and when I ask them "What is the best country you ever lived in? " They say "Here. " Someone from World War 2 that had visited dozens of European and other world countries and was non-American said to my class "Be glad you live here, because this is the best place and the best country on the earth".

12 They Only Eat Fast Food

Where the hell are people getting this from? We don't only eat fast food! We also have frozen food, home made food and junk food. It's not all fast food dining from a Mcdonalds!

Well fast food is junk food, but yeah no one lives on fast food that would be ridiculous. Americans have supermarkets.

My favorite dish is my girlfriend's potato salad. Does that sound like fast food to you?

America famous for hamburgers and fries oh and hotdogs.

13 All They Do Is Eat Deep Fried Half Pounders and Watch the NFL

Laugh out loud, I'm American. I'm physically fit but this stereotype is true for AT LEAST 3/5 of the population, in my opinion 3/5 is enough for a stereotype to be considered a truth

I don't eat pounders. I do watch the NFL, but there are other stuff I like doing.

There is no such thing as a "deep fried half pounder".

This is what rednecks are not normal americans

14 They Are All Trump Supporters

Umm... this shows that other people are being too quick to judge and are making assumptions. It's one thing saying something based on fact, but look fully at the election results and it isn't too hard to find out that Hillary got more votes.

Also I am from the UK and I have never heard of this stereotype - I have actually only heard the opposite

If I lived in America I would've never voted for him.

I'm actually against Trump!

I hate Trump with a passion.

15 All Americans are Rednecks

You say All Americans are Rednecks huh?! Come to California and count how many rednecks are there!

You are a Redneck!

A description of America
If it hadn't been for cotton-eyed Joe
I'd been married long time ago
He rode through the fields so handsome and strong
His eyes was his tools and his smile was his gun

Only like 5 states are redneck filled (Mississippi, Alabama, parts of Georgia, parts of Florida and parts of Tennessee)

16 They Are a Bunch of Christian Fundamentalists

Wait Fundamentalists is believing in the Bible literally. So a man could survive in a whale? Another man who lived to an impossible age (around 600 years) could get every single animal on earth into a wooden boat and its also believing Jesus will return? Yeah like in the year 3000? Yes there is many different religions but Christianity is the biggest one.

The fact is there isn't one country or continent in the world that is a Christian nation. The world is Anti-Christ.

There are all kinds of different religions in America babe. Freedom of religion.

There are lots of Christians and lots of non-Christians.

17 All Americans Believe the World is Flat

Not true. I believe that the world is round.

Um, what year are you in? 1776?

18 All Americans are Homosexuals

Many Homophobic Christians in America than other countries.

Not true, but our country sure supports it more than any other.

They are all homos

19 All That Americans Eat is McDonald's

Puhlease! We do not just eat McDonalds. There are better restaraunts such as Sonic, Jack in the box, taco bell, hasta la pasta, olive garden, etc.

I stopped eating at McDonald's since more than a year ago.

McDonalds is disgusting and I haven't eaten it in 3 years.

On the contrary, I NEVER eat McDonald's.

20 Americans are Ugly

Fave boy band from America Backstreet Boys. Oh and Nicks younger brother Aaron is rather hunky nowadays.

"There are plenty are cute, pretty, beautiful, handsome, hot, and sexy.

Attractive famous American male & female from past and present.

It's subjective, but some people are nice looking.

21 Americans Just Shoot Each Other

America has the same gun regulations as most other countries. In the United States you need a license and a background check just like Canada and most European countries.

Really. Did you know more shootings happen in America. The last shooting in UK was in Scotland in 90s.

There's been a lot of gun control over the past decade.

That is a very dark and depressing stereotype! 😢

22 They Suck At Pretty Much Everything

Whoever said that America invented the internet is wrong ,Australia invented the internet or at least laid the foundation for it.

Who ever said probably is a dumb ass Russian governor commie who has nothing better to do but bash on innocent Americans. Also, if the suck at everything, then how did they invent: google, the internet. rock and roll, music, bullets, I could go on.

If I suck at everything, then how come I'm always appreciated by my art and stories, and am told that I'm good at those things?

Wow, society! I'm a lawyer and I haven't got fired yet. Know why? Because I'm good at what I do.

23 They All Love George W. Bush
24 Always Say "Like".

Like you have like have cooties, did y'all know like my baby sister choked on a Kinder Surprise when we where like on vacation, but like we never read the warning on the wrapping but who like reads that only idiots like read them.

*puts on annoying accent* Howdy y'all like whatever dude yeehaw like like like like did ya go to the Big Apple last week? D'oh like mmmbop can I have some candy or I'll shoot you with ma gun it's the strongest rifle in the world. Thank you like this is so cool like yum. U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A! So like we came from England and Europe on like some boat like centuries ago and we like have a special holiday in like November. We like invented some stupid words like Vacation and Fall we like said it was from old English that had like died out but like England used to have like different alphabets so that would've been like old English so we did like invent the words ourselves. Anyway let's like talk about something else, how about I shoot someone with my brilliant beautiful rifle eh? YEEEHAW this is just like in the Western times. *bang bang bang bang* ooops did I just like shoot someone then I'm sorry corpse over there anyway I've like gotta go now bye.

25 Americans are Lazy

I'm not American myself but Americans are not lazy at all! If are lazy, the whole Internet would NEVER have been invented in the first place.

I have a career

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