Top Ten False Stereotypes About the British

We all have our opinion about the British, but in reality, how false is it?

The Top Ten False Stereotypes About the British

1 They Drink Tea All the Time

I'm not British myself, but I LOVE tea!

We do drink a lot of tea, just not everyone does, and it's not just out of the blue, it's usually if we have company or with a meal.

As a brit, I drink tea all the time... But there's probably someone out there who doesn't... No me or anyone I've met so far, but someone... - SansTheComic

I do, but that doesn't mean all the other Brits do as well - TwilightKitsune

2 They Are All Posh

This false stereotype is the stupidest thing ever, - Harri666

Harri 666 if you believe that stereotype is stupid then quit stereotyping Americans as most of the things you talk about badly are completely wrong

Its not stupid.
Did you know I'm very lazy.

3 They Don't Brush Their Teeth

Sorry our dentists brush our teeth. (When I first went to the dentist I didn't know what mouth wash was and eew) We have braces for straightening teeth which is nightmares.

Then why didn't the British die out within a few generations? Us British blokes just sound more flamboyant compared to other accents.

What? We'll I don't think we need to brush our teeth all the time with the new stuff in toothpaste that makes it cleaner... - Harri666

Britain and Germany are tied for the best dental care in the world.

4 They Hate Americans

Only my Nan.

This isn't true! I'm American and I know this isn't true, mostly because the British are funny and nice. And plus, if British hated Americans, why would a lot of judges and other T.V. people in America be British?

That's untrue. As a Brit, I feel completely normal towards American types. - SansTheComic

No, I love America! - TwilightKitsune

5 They Are Extremely Rude

I am british and I'm only rude because it's a defense mechanism.

6 They Are Arrogant and Boastful

They are

Well it's not like other places where someone might be a bit like that. They either are or they aren't but not everyone is. Loads (especially those from outside London) are really nice. Nothing against London - the judgement is based on the fact that most of the English people you meet in London will either be at work and therefore in a bad mood or something similar - FefeCat

7 The Men Are Gay

Wouldn't go that far.
But you do appear to have more than your fair share of beta types.

Almost half of these stereotypes I've never heard of. Including this one. And I'm British. If all the men were gay, wouldn't we have problems with the birth rate?!?! - PositronWildhawk

8 Crumpets and Tea, Govnah?

Crumpets sometimes, but I like cereal more.
I like coffee more than tea, I have been to costa coffee.

9 They Have Really Grotty Weather

The worst year of rain I remember was 2007.
Yeah we have a lot of rain.
But we do have hot weather, sunshine, go to the beach.
When we go to the beach it's not raining, we go in the right time.
Not every part of the UK has floods. Ever lived in the North West? No because we don't have floods. We don't have the most dangerous weather like other countries. Oh no its Hurricane "name"

2019 - wow what a heatwave in August. So shut up.

Um, this is true though. It rains every season a countless amount of times a week.

10 They Are All Alcoholics


The Contenders

11 They Are All Thick In Essex

I just ignore The Only Way Is Essex, and you should too and you will feel better.

Essex has been in a dignity crisis ever since the idiotic drama set there was first broadcast. Now, they're the butt of many a joke. Which is unfair. My father's family have lived in Essex in the past, and they're far from thick. - PositronWildhawk

I'm from essex, in have a high IQ, but all the people around me are just...yeah...

12 They Are Nice

List made by a Yank, oh we are evil are we.

... We're anti social but not mean... - FefeCat

13 Never Have Heatwaves

Umm... Summer of 2019... - FefeCat

14 Everyone either speaks in the Queen's English or Cockney accents

Not everyone is royalty and not everyone is from the East End - FefeCat

15 They Love Talking About the Weather

No I never talk about the weather whoever said that was biased.

16 Always Eat the Cooked Breakfast
17 Only Eat Pancakes on Pancake Day

What a stupid LIE.

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