Top Ten False Stereotypes About Music Genres

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1 Classical Music is Boring

I'm not a fan of classical music, but I wouldn't call it boring. It's just music and it's still better than modern pop and rap in my opinion.

The Austrian concert on New Year's Day IS extremely boring and that's the only classical music some people listen to.

I could listen to it 24/7 everyday without getting bored. That being said the playlist needs to be huge.

Well most of classical music is great, but I do find a select few that are just generally boring.

2 All Metal is Satanic

Actually, very few metal bands are Satanic and the ones that are usually belong to a subgenre called black metal which is a very underground genre that most people have never heard of.

I think this should be higher than Classical music being boring that's only an opinion. Objectively not all metal bands are satanic.

My god this stereotype is annoying. What, you people think that I sacrifice animals in the night just cause I listen to Iron Maiden? When will people realize that research is a man's best friend?

Nope. Only bands like Gorgoroth, Deicide, and Marduk are. (Which I'm not dissing and are really good bands in their own right.)

3 Metal Isn't Music

If pop can be called music, without any actual effort put into it, than the talented people who play metal deserve to have their masterpieces called music.

Why? I mean it's played with real instruments and not all metal is satanic and screaming.

Metal is actually pretty cool and it's definitely music.

But it is

4 Rock/Metal is Talentless

Who ever invented this stereotype is literally deaf and stupid. How is playing a guitar talentless? Some people sing and play complex riff at the same time lol. Rock and metal are the best genres and by far the most talented people are here.

Who the hell would make up this dumb stereotype? Whoever did probably listens to mainstream pop and rap, which are the actual talentless genres.

This pisses me off. I know it's an opinion by some people and I respect opinions, but this is entirely wrong!

I would punch someone in the face if they came up to me and said this.

5 Rap is All About Weed, Money, and Hoes

Basically, the only rap music I constantly hear on the radio and from peers is about controversial topics. And there are some songs of this genre that despite profanity, don't have bad meanings. And there are some that are just clean in every aspect, even hidden meanings.

Listen to old school rap.

Maybe like 75% of it is.

Listen to Nujabes and try saying that

6 All Pop Music is Bad

If you think this, you have only listened to today’s pop music. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston exist. They are the king and queen of pop.

And yet you all praise Michael Jackson...ironic, eh?

I'm a metalhead but I'm a little bit of a popper too.

Did you know The Beatles and Elvis is pop?

7 Country Music is Depressing

No they're all about exes. "All my exes are from Texas"

That is not true!

8 Pop Music is for Sheep

Pop haters sorry but you can get an Pop music sketching and colouring book and no I have not confused it with pop art that would be you.

I thought you meant the animal, but now I get it, a person who fits in and basically acts like a mindless clone.

Then metal is for people who have long black hair

That's funny and odd.

9 Rock is All Rebellious

Not all rock is rebellious. Plus, there are Christianity rock music that are actually very good.

Uh in which way?

10 If You Listen to “Emo” Bands You’re Depressed

No, emo has died and the tumblr kids are the only people still taking part in it. My Chemical Romance created much more than a genre or a band, they created a light to inspire generations after. Not just emo, but all these smaller sub cultures, and it’s all beautiful

I think emo culture is constantly stereotyped and it's annoying. Let's face it, we've all had an emo phase, some lasting longer than others. But in your phase you probably didn't have depression, it can't be caused by something as simple as the style of subculture you've decided to involve yourself in. So the next time you think this way, ask yourself in your emo phase were you depressed.

Are you kidding? My Chemical Romance literally SAVED LIVES with their music! And their music helps me cope with the stuff going on in my life, even if they didn't save my life. Gerard Way is such an inspiration. Even if you aren't "emo" you should listen to them.

Music influences people a lot. I actually had depression and can speak form experience that if anything, My Chemical Romance helped cope with my depression. Hardly any of the songs relate to depression but the ones that do could really save a life

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11 Pop Music is Autotuned

Not everything but a lot of it actually is. I honestly prefer autotune in rap music.

12 Pop Takes No Talent Nowadays
13 All Musical Theatre is Happy
14 Pop is for Girls

First things first, that’s incredibly sexist.
Secondly, I’m a male, and I enjoy pop music quite a lot, so do other boys in my year level.

15 Jazz Fans are Arrogant Snobs

Unless if you're talking about Lisa Simpson (plus she's very miserable every 24/7).

16 Dubstep is Just Noise

"All music is a form of noise." No. That's a silly platitude. Music is not "noise." It's a blending of SOUNDS. Noise is unstructured, chaotic, grating, offensive to the senses, and does NOT elicit the emotion, the spiritual response, that music does.

There is some really good dubstep out there, beyond the mainstream, beyond Skrillex. Melodic dubstep is full of emotion and meaning. Like any other genre, you have to look deeper.

This is definitely a false stereotype. If you listen with an open mind you can find a story inside of it.

Only close-minded idiots would think that lol (sorry)

17 Ska is for Racists

It is not! Ska was created as a genre to bring black and white together.

18 Dream Pop is for Druggies

Actually it is not

I 💜 dream pop and I'm not stoned!

19 Emo Means Cutting Yourself

For the last time, emo bands and the subculture in general do not support and do not encourage cutting. While some cut, it is nothing to do with the music and we recognise it as an issue.

Emo was a breakthrough in music, not some stupid self-harmin act

20 Pop Songs are All About Love

If you think you obviously haven't heard of AJR.

21 Classic Rock is for Old People
22 AC/DC Songs All Sound the Same

No just listen to something like Rocker, TNT, And Whole Lotta Rosie and compare it to something like Ride On And Crabsody In Blue

It sounds different when you listen to it more often.

23 All Edm Music Sounds the Same and Requires No Talent to Produce

People who say this why don’t you try and make dance music yourself if it’s so easy.

24 All Power Metal is Happy and Uplifting

How is a song about the final thoughts of Jesus (Melancholy by Iced Earth) happy?

Wow this is actually idiotic, do people actually say this?

25 Rock Music is Just People Screaming and It's Too Loud
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