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1 Classical Music Is Boring

Music tastes are subjective but if I had to listen to Classical music the whole day every day it would be very boring.

Well most of classical music is great, but I do find a select few that are just generally boring. - Kwaysar

This one's true

Wrong... - christangrant

2 All Metal Is Satanic

My god this stereotype is annoying. What, you people think that I sacrifice animals in the night just cause I listen to Iron Maiden? When will people realize that research is a man's best friend?

Nope. Only bands like Gorgoroth, Deicide, and Marduk are. (Which I'm not dissing and are really good bands in their own right.) - Brobusky

False. 4-5 bands are satanic. by the way. Marilyn Mansion is atheist!

No just a lot of death metal, all black metal, and a little bit of thrash metal.

I think everything else is non satanic. - Skullkid755

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3 Metal Isn't Music

If pop can be called music, without any actual effort put into it, than the talented people who play metal deserve to have their masterpieces called music.

Totally wrong!

But it is - christangrant

This is a question of extreme relativism. If you think the wall of noise that is New York's rush-hour traffic is exquisite, if the Doppler-effected shriek of a passing train rocks your world, if you think demonic cacophony from the deepest, most putrid bowels of Hell is angelic, then
yes, you probably think metal is music.

4 Rock/Metal Is Talentless

Who the hell would make up this dumb stereotype? Whoever did probably listens to mainstream pop and rap, which are the actual talentless genres.

Who ever invented this stereotype is literally deaf and stupid. How is playing a guitar talentless? Some people sing and play complex riff at the same time lol. Rock and metal are the best genres and by far the most talented people are here.

Wrong... - christangrant


5 Rap Is All About Weed, Money, And Hoes

Basically, the only rap music I constantly hear on the radio and from peers is about controversial topics. And there are some songs of this genre that despite profanity, don't have bad meanings. And there are some that are just clean in every aspect, even hidden meanings. - Kwaysar

This is pretty accurate mate, what's wrong with you?! - AGK

Whoever thinks this has never listened to Immortal Technique,Hopsin,Eminem,Tupac or Kendrick Lamar.-DarkBoi-X

Well for some it’s true, but not all of them like NF.

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6 Rock Is All Rebellious
7 Pop Music Is For Sheep

I thought you meant the animal, but now I get it, a person who fits in and basically acts like a mindless clone.

I'm only saying that not all pop is for sheep. The only pop music that sucks and is for mindless sheep fangirls with little to no musical knowledge is most of today's mainstream. - nickolie

Then metal is for people who have long black hair - RoseCandyMusic


Mostly, yeah.

If pop is for sheep then metal is for people with long black hair - RoseCandyMusic

8 Pop Music Is Autotuned

most of it

Umm... IT IS!

Oh, so now it's not?

Most mainstream can be. However, underground and most old pop sounds good - nickolie

9 Country Music Is Depressing

BG: Sure you're not thinking about Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd made creative album covers and unique songs. The lyrics sounded poetic, meaningful, and precise. Once you pay attention to the melodies, lyrics, guitar riffs and solos, baselines, and drums, you can understand that their music is actually pretty enjoyable to listen to. Sadly, most people don't care about that. - nickolie

10 All Pop Music is Bad

I'm a metalhead but I'm a little bit of a popper too. - Skullkid755

I agree

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11 Pop Takes No Talent Nowadays
12 Dubstep Is Just Noise

"All music is a form of noise." No. That's a silly platitude. Music is not "noise." It's a blending of SOUNDS. Noise is unstructured, chaotic, grating, offensive to the senses, and does NOT elicit the emotion, the spiritual response, that music does.

There is some really good dubstep out there, beyond the mainstream, beyond Skrillex. Melodic dubstep is full of emotion and meaning. Like any other genre, you have to look deeper.

All music is a form of noise. Dubstep is just really bad noise. - Brobusky

Only close-minded idiots would think that lol (sorry)

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13 Ska is for racists
14 Pop Songs Are All About Love

DO U LISTEN TO POP MUSIC NOWADAYS? Not to be rude but most of it is.

I don't listen to pop music although I have respect for underground and several of old stuff such as Michael Jackson or Prince. - nickolie

15 All Power Metal Is Happy and Uplifting

How is a song about the final thoughts of Jesus (Melancholy by Iced Earth) happy?

16 Emo Means Cutting Yourself

Emo was a breakthrough in music, not some stupid self-harmin act

17 Rap Is Just Talking

Paid plenty of attention to Pink Floyd for decades. There is much to like and some to love. The fact remains, however, that the theme of much of what they produced was depression; a profound sadness about life unfulfilled.

Okay. Screwed up. Clearly this belongs with item 9.

No, because talking generally makes some degree of sense.

Most old school rappers and all underground rappers can write meaningful lyrics about childhood memories, religion, politics, and other interesting topics. They can express their feelings well and a lot of them can freestyle too. - nickolie

18 Rap Doesn't Require Talent

Well my Grandma hates Rap so whatever.

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