False Things Depressed People Tell Themselves

Depression, is a very touchy topic and for good reason. It's a complicated one, while someone's in depression here's common things they might tell themselves that aren't true. DISCLAIMER: I don't condone this kind of thinking, and I'm just pointing it out.

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1 Life is meaningless

Life will only be meaningless if you make it that way,if not,you can have a glad,worthful life! - JoPro

In the grand scheme of things life does seem meaningless, which is why it is best not to think about it and live your best life while trying to do as much positive while your alive - germshep24

Actually that is true when you realize how small your existence is in the grand universe everything you do during life is pointless everyone does the same things once you die life continues on as if you didn't exist the human spirit is hoggwash crap - Psyluv

You don't know what opportunities, or people you might never meet so it's not meaningless.

2 No one loves them

Everyone thinks this at some point, unless their one of the lucky few that is always showered with love, we are all loved, but we all need reminders, which unfortunately isn't something we spread as much as we should. When was the last time you told someone that you love them - germshep24

God loves everyone! God loves YOU! No matter your age, race, religion, or gender. He loves you and forgives your sins.

Love and emotions are a human disease get over yourself - Psyluv

I'll admit, that I'm a bit guilty of this myself.

3 Life's nothing but constant pain

Life is random, there are good times as well as bad times, but if your life feels like it is constantly painful, your mindset should be fixed, because perception does equal reality, if you constantly see the world as evil and out to getting you then your mind will be focused on finding negative things to happen to you just so it can validate and make it correct while ignore anything positive that happens - germshep24

This is a claim, that has some truth but some mistruth as well. Because, that's not all life is or what it offers.

To suffer is to be human you can't always have everything your way - Psyluv

Well to some people it is.I mean for people in North Korea or Somalia or similar countries then yeah it is. - DarkBoi-X

4 They're better off dead

Will people have the right to die if they want to. Besides more life will be Born to replace the dead no big deal - Psyluv

No one's better off dead, unless they've done something really heinous...

There are always suicide helplines and charities out there for you - TwilightKitsune

5 No one understands them

For people to understand you, you first have to understand yourself, in fact some can understand you better than you do yourself, since people tend to ignore their flaws or just can't see their shortcomings - germshep24

Just depends on the people you meet, and how well they know you personally.

6 Nothing matters
7 Everyone hates them

A pretty easy thing to believe, but not something that's true regardless.

8 They can't be saved

This is more of a question of whether you want to be saved from your depression or not, are you willing to talk to another person, to build that support system you need, are you willing to search for support groups or communities - germshep24

Trying to break out of this claim/ habit, the best that I can currently.

9 Everything is about me

Depressed people, tend to think more about others than themselves...

Nothing matters but your self along with what you enjoy everyone else is a waste of your own time friends are not needed - Psyluv

I thought the opposite when my depression was at its peak. It's mostly gone now. Mostly. - Cyri

This one is true for everyone, everyone thinks about everything in terms of themselves. - germshep24

10 Their loved ones hate them

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11 Nothing about their life matters

A common thing, that a majority of depressed people either tell themselves or believe because their mind thinks it's true.

No life matters yet all life matters if you disagree with reality that's your own fault - Psyluv

Life is what you make it and that is all that matters - germshep24

Than make it matter! - Meg21

12 God Is Dead

This one possibly true if the depressed is religious, but usually being religious means you should have a good support group in a Church of your belief near you. - germshep24

Oh a god to dictate and judge your life this so called god is a joke why do you need to be told how to live follow your own path or someone elses - Psyluv

13 Suicide is a good end

Suicide isn't a good end it is just an end, you will seize to exist as far as you are concerned this can be painful or painless depending on the method, but this will cause a lot of harm to people that know you and care for you.

It is rally something you should give a deep thought to, because sure you no longer have to worry about the negative part of your life but you'll also no longer get to enjoy the positive parts as well - germshep24

Why not why should you decide what a stranger does with their life the right to live and die is the persons choice of their own not yours - Psyluv

It's not. You don't know what the future holds. It could hold the best time of your life. - Cyri

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