Top 10 False and Untrue Statements Made by Biased News Websites

Oh boy i can't wait until a pointless conflict arises with people actually claiming these claims are true when they aren't at all and it's all because they believe what Biased News Websites say is true so here are some false and Untrue statements made by Biased News Sites

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That all white men are racist and they are the only ones that are racist

Oh don't even get me started with this hypocritical Racist comment NOT all white men are racist and yet they also claim that ONLY whites are racist when any race could be racist (Yes Blacks can be racist as well) but of course Bias news sites always make claims like this to try and get more people to hate whites for whatever reason all I'm saying is that ANYONE could be racist not just whites I believe rascism as a whole should be ended but sadly it will never end.

I have a feeling Buzzfeed said this.

At the rate that SJWs are going white men are likely the minority now.

That all Muslims are terrorists

This is by far one of the dumbest statements ever me personally I have no religion but I respect all relgions but saying that all muslims are evil terrorists that want to kill everyone is false its only peolle like ISIS who are like that I have had some Muslim friends in real life and they were nice to me and wouldn't do those things that terrorists would do - christangrant

Not true, there are over a billion muslims and in ISIS and Al Queda there aren't even a million members.

It's very true most of the times.

That only one race is superior

This applies to any race of humans (Not just Whites Like SJWs and Feminazis Claim) not one race is superior to the other all races are equal and all Races should be treated fairly - christangrant

That one religion is better than another

In terms of freedom, human rights, and respect for life itself, all religions are manifestly and absolutely NOT equal. Wake up.

This is false all religions are equal none are superior or inferior (And this is coming from a guy who doesn't have a religion) - christangrant

That all police officers are racist

This is a overused stereotype used by SJWs because they think that all cops are white and kill blacks because they want ro and because they are racist this is not true at all I feel sorry for the Innocent Police Officers who get called stupid claims that they aren't while it may be true that Some Cops are racist saying they are all racist is False and know that I'm not a Conservative or a Liberal but it's a fact that this statement is false - christangrant

That [insert president here] shouldn't be president because [insert false statement here]

I really HATE it when a news site especially CNN and FOX makes a article about why Trump or Clinton they shouldn't be Running/Being President and use untrue claims about them and keep in mind I'm neither conservative or Liberal because I hate politics - christangrant

That all metal music and metal fans are satanic

I'm not a fan of metal, but I KNOW this ain't true. - Jasmine21064

Why is it that almost every single news website claims metal is satanic and that all the fans worship satan or something like that when that is obviously not true at all and even worse they have NOTHING to back their claims up at least somethin Valid (Which there isn't any) This is a stupid stereotype of metal fans that need to stop being so overused and being used in general heck there's even Christian Metal bands so yeah if all metal bands are satanic how do you explain that? - christangrant

That all video games are violent and cause people to act violent

The closest thing to a violent game I've played before was a Super Smash Bros game, but did that made me become violent and Falcon-Punch people for no reason? No! - Jasmine21064

This really gets annoying seeing articles like this if your kid acts violent because of a video game they played then maybe you shouldn't let them play the game then - christangrant

This is the dumbest statement I've ever heard. Does playing Angry Birds make me violent? - TwilightKitsune

This would be more like Jack Thompson saying it if anything. - htoutlaws2012

That all Christians are homophobic

I'm not a Christian though I do celebrate Christmas but that's about it anyway this statement is false on so many levels it's a overused stereotype that should stop being used - christangrant

That all conservatives or liberals are evil

This is so false on so many levels saying that all Conservatives or Liberals are evil is just dumb and stupid - christangrant

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Video games are supported by rapists and white supremacists
Obama is a Muslim
Shows like Paw Patrol and Thomas and Trains are classist, sexist, and anti-environmentalist
Chinese people eat dogs

My family is Chinese AND WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EAT DOGS! >:(

All Asians have high expectation Asian parents

I'm Asian while it's true that my parents want me to get all As on my tests and report cards like many Asians, I've gotten Bs and Cs and they were disappointed yet a bit more understanding about it.

Chinese people are rude and uncivilized

My family is Chinese and we DO NOT pee and poop wherever we want in public or steal all the seafood at the buffet.

That Israel is committing genocide
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