Best Families In EastEnders

Hello 'Enders fans. I can only think of nine major families in the best soap on T.V.. But maybe you can think of more - or voting on an existing one. =)

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1 The Mitchells

Headed by Phil (after matriarch Peggy) This interesting family are here to make you feel good about your own dysfunctional family. Great to watch - Britgirl

Strongest family

The Mitchells are the kings and queens of Albert Square

The Mitchells are hardnuts
Don't mess with them
Because they're my friends

2 The Carters

The newest family to Albert square. I love them all. Sure they've brought family issues with them, but they're a formidable unit. The truest East End family that stick together. Love every single member. - Britgirl

Sometimes they're confused and sometimes they're just tired

They are the worst family on the square.

3 The Masoods

Funny. Tamwar the gawky nerd has such a dry, deadpan sense of humour. And his father Mas is one of the nicest men in soapland. His mother Zainab is nuttier than a squirrel's eructation. It was brilliant waiting to see what she would do next to upset everyone. - Britgirl

4 The Beales

Ian Beale is in competition with King Henry VI! I love him. He's just a family man who always tries to do the right thing but fails most of the time. - Britgirl

5 The Brannings

I want to know what women see in washed up Max Branning? Seriously! - Britgirl

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6 The Slaters

Hmm... What to say... Mother and daughter with bipolar, a sex addict, and a wheeler-deeler with a friend called 'Fat Elvis'. Just crazy, but great to watch. - Britgirl

7 The Jacksons

WOW! Probably the largest, most mixed-up family in London! A rough, loud lot but I absolutely love them! - Britgirl

8 The Moons

The introduction of the moons was great Kat finally found her man in the moon and I love the addition of nana moon but probably one of the saddest scenes for me when she died

Ah... Alfie Moon... I adore this happy-go-cheeky chappie. I'm so jealous of Kat Slater... But I love their chemistry. The best couple in soap bar NONE! - Britgirl

9 The Butchers

One word. Janine! Enough said! Haha! - Britgirl

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10 The Fowlers

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11 The Watts

The first family to grace the vic they were briliant with den and angies marriage hell roly the poodle and sharons same hair cut anything could happen

12 The Fox's
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