Top 10 Family Friendly Halloween Movies

The Top Ten

1 The Nightmare Before Christmas
2 Beetlejuice
3 Hocus Pocus
4 Paranorman
5 Ghostbusters
6 Halloweentown
7 Coraline
8 The Addams Family V 1 Comment
9 Frankenweenie
10 Monster House

The Contenders

11 The Witches
12 Casper

I know a lot of people like this film and all and I personally think Christina Ricci was amazing in this but why are you trying to make Casper creepy? I mean he's particularly the love child of mr stay puft and the ghost busters logo he's just a round face happy looking ghost so how the hell are will supposed to be afraid of him I mean he's already lame enough he's probably one of the lamest characters of all time so to be afraid of this round face happy looking friendly marshmallow is just uh I don't know because every time in the film when a person sees Casper and they scream I can't just help but laugh because it just seems so ridiculous to me aside from that the main problem I have with this movie is there's too much stuff going on I mean you have Casper in love the girl Casper taking revenge on one of the kids who bother the girl I guess I will have to watch this again and the two people and one of them have to die for an experiment and that person turns into a ghost and who the ...more

13 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
14 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
15 Labyrinth
16 Hotel Transylvania
17 It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
18 Alice in Wonderland
19 Lady in White
20 The Scream Team
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