Top 10 Family Guy Cutaways

This is mostly what Family Guy relies on. Which are the best? Also, the name of the episodes are also there so you know where they are.

The Top Ten

1 You Have AIDS (The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire)

Very cruel, but the song is perfect. - RandomInternetGuy

2 Fire Truck Documentary (Petarded)

This episode brought tons of laughs, and this one is no exception. - RandomInternetGuy

3 Iraq Lobster (Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q)

This one came from an episode I hated, and it was so hilarious. - RandomInternetGuy

4 Feeding Tom Selleck (Da Boom)

Seth MacFarlane's favorite moment as well. - RandomInternetGuy

5 Mayor McCheese Assassination (Road to the Multiverse)

This is who Lee Harvey Oswald shot instead of Kennedy. - RandomInternetGuy

6 Married to a Child (When You Wish Upon a Weinstein)

"If I'm a child, then you know what that makes you? A pedophile, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand here and be lectured by a pervert! " - RandomInternetGuy

7 Bourbon and Anime (Baby, You Knock Me Out)

Both clever and funny. - RandomInternetGuy

8 Give Me Money (Leggo My Meg-O)

"Gimme money, gimme money, gimme money..." - RandomInternetGuy

9 Buttscratcher! (No Chris Left Behind)

Peter has hilarious part-time jobs. - RandomInternetGuy

10 Jewish Fight Club (Quagmire and Meg)

The Contenders

11 Brian Seeing Lady Gaga Naked (Seahorse Seashell Party)
12 Uh Uh Uh! Not That One! (Call Girl)
13 The Guy Who Came Up with Stuffing a Turkey (Leggo My Meg-O)
14 The Deaf Team (Ready, Willing, and Disabled)

This is one of many clever Family Guy jokes out there. - RandomInternetGuy

15 Top 10 Family Guy Cutaways

This is mostly what Family Guy relies on. - RandomInternetGuy

16 Titanic (The Blind Side)
17 Black Jesus (Jerome Is the New Black)
18 The Great Space Coaster (I Take Thee Quagmire)
19 European See 'n Say (Road to Germany)
20 Canadian Alcatraz (The Former Life of Brian)
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1. You Have AIDS (The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire)
2. Iraq Lobster (Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q)
3. Fire Truck Documentary (Petarded)



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