Top 10 Family Guy Season 4 Episodes

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Peter is very lucky that Lois still loves him or otherwise it will be a divorce for him.

Probably the funniest family guy episode ever - Ajkloth

so funny

Stewie Griffin the Untold Story

I love this episode


This episode should be at number 1 not number 4 behind patriot games

Ptv is the best family guy episode of all time, hilarious song, making fun of the FCC (The FCC just sucks) while not making it too offensive and the side boob hour which was the best

You May Now Kiss the...Uh Guy Who Receives
Patriot Games

Shipoopi, shipoopi, shipoopi, the girl who's hard to get! Shipoopi, shipoopi, shipoopi, but you can win her yet!

The Fat Guy Strangler

Good episode, though I feel quite bad for fat people.

Untitled Griffin Family History

I feel very sorry for Meg in this episode. I wish that there was a part two of "Untitled Griffin Family History" so I can see what happens, especially with Meg.

Breaking Out Is Hard to Do

I like Lois but she was such an idiot in this episode. Peter should have gone excessively mad at her. Even though I HATE PETER GRIFFIN! HE'S A BASTARD!

The Courtship of Stewie's Father

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Brian Sings and Swings

Brian has an amazing singing voice. Love that episode! 😂

Great Brian Themed Episode! 😀🍸 I Really Miss The Old Brian 1999-2010. Brian In Season 9 And Up Is A Jerk.😤

Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High

I'm not gonna call an ambulance because you won't learn anything if I do

Sibling Rivalry
North By North Quahog
The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire

Loretta is a bitch! Quagmire is a whore!

Don't Make Me Over

I like the way how Lois was kind to Meg in that episode.

Blind Ambition
E. Peterbus Unum

Petoria forever

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