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21 My Drunken Irish Dad

This song is really a great, classic Family Guy moment.

It just tops in my opinion
Seriously if any one disagrees than shut up

V 1 Comment
22 You've Got a Lot to See

Come on! How was this not on the list already? It won awards, for gods sake! And Brian sounds amazing singing it.

Best song by brian griffin

23 Stewies' Banjo Song V 2 Comments
24 Iraq Lobster

Death to America and butter sauce

V 1 Comment
25 Never Gonna Give You Up
26 The Rose

Best tops great song

27 I Need a Jew

This one is the very best in my opinion, the sheer brilliance of this song smashes through all the competition, the lyrics are clever and catchy and the orchestral music is simply beautiful.

28 My Black Son

This one is by far the funniest and the best.

This is so funny. My dad and me love it.

29 Prom Night Dumpster Baby V 3 Comments
30 Stewie sings Peanut Butter Jelly Song
31 Rock Lobster V 1 Comment
32 You and I Are so Awfully Different

Really good Brian and Stewie song

33 Evil Monkey Song
34 Noble Indian Chief
35 Cowboy Gay Sex

Super awesome! Everyone needs to here this song, I will be doing my part to be sure the world listens to it!

It's called "Cowboy Butt Sex (Sodomy)" - theOpinionatedOne

36 Gonna Buy Me a Rainbow
37 I've Got James Woods V 1 Comment
38 Republican Town

I'm not a Republican (I'm the farthest thing from), and I love this song.

Rush Limbaugh and Brian Griffin singing a duet. Yes.

39 Stewie sings Rocket Man
40 Beethoven by the Four Peters
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