Top Ten Family Guy Versus American Dad Death Battles


The Top Ten

1 Peter Griffin vs Stan Smith

This list is dumb

That list is NOT dumb. Whoever has made that list; that is actually pretty good! Keep it up! By the way, Stan is defiantly going to win. 👍👍

2 Lois Griffin vs Francine Smith

I know Lois would win because Francine doesn't know how to fight others.

This fight would be kind of Hot in a way.

Lois just might win but Franny can kick ass

3 Chris Griffin vs Steve Smith

Obviously Chris

4 Meg Griffin vs Haley Smith
5 Brian Griffin vs Klaus the Goldfish

This one is so easy

Hed just take klaus out his bowl. hed do it because he's evil and would be willing to kill klaus - ihatetrump

6 Stewie Griffin vs Roger the Alien

The evil baby versus the cross-dressing alien

7 Brian Griffin vs Jeff Fisher

Brian Griffin would outsmart him.

8 Glenn Quagmire vs Roger the Alien
9 Joe Swanson vs Stan Smith
10 The Greased Up Deaf Guy vs Roger the Alien

The Contenders

11 Principal Shepard vs Principal Lewis

Shepherd barely ever appears lewis appears a lot - ihatetrump

12 Stan Smith vs Brian Griffin
13 Roger vs Ernie the Giant Chicken
14 Stan Smith vs Ernie the Giant Chicken
15 Meg Griffin vs Avery Bullock
16 Cleveland Brown vs Avery Bullock

Obviouslt bullock - ihatetrump

17 Carter Pewterschmidt vs Santa Claus
18 Buckle vs Opie
19 Connie D'Amico vs Lisa Silver

The two ugly bitches are versing each other!

Thatd be HOT - ihatetrump

20 God vs The Antichrist

Duh! Off course God is going to win.

21 Terry Bates vs Bonnie Swanson
22 Jerome vs Linda Memari

Jerome may kiss ass but I bet that Linda will out smart him.

23 Al Tuttle vs Mort Goldman

Even a turtle can out smart Mort.

24 Elmer Hartman vs Mertz

Hmm... Let me think... �". Nether!

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