Top Ten Family Guy Versus American Dad Death Battles

The Top Ten

1 Peter Griffin vs Stan Smith

Peter may have some skills BUT Stan is a trained CIA agent and assassin so Peter dead.

This list is dumb

That list is NOT dumb. Whoever has made that list; that is actually pretty good! Keep it up! By the way, Stan is defiantly going to win. 👍👍

2 Lois Griffin vs Francine Smith

Francine deserves to get beaten up!

I know Lois would win because Francine doesn't know how to fight others.

This fight would be kind of Hot in a way.

Lois just might win but Franny can kick ass

3 Chris Griffin vs Steve Smith

Chris has more combat skills than Steve. Steve would be easily beaten up.

Obviously Chris

4 Meg Griffin vs Haley Smith
5 Brian Griffin vs Klaus the Goldfish

Hed just take klaus out his bowl. hed do it because he's evil and would be willing to kill klaus - ihatetrump

This one is so easy

6 Stewie Griffin vs Roger the Alien

The evil baby versus the cross-dressing alien

7 Brian Griffin vs Jeff Fisher

Brian Griffin would outsmart him.

8 Glenn Quagmire vs Roger the Alien

Definitely Roger. Quagmire is weak.

9 Joe Swanson vs Stan Smith
10 The Greased Up Deaf Guy vs Roger the Alien

The Contenders

11 Stan Smith vs Brian Griffin

Obviously Stan: since he has way more combat skills!

12 Terry Bates vs Bonnie Swanson

Probably Bonnie!

13 Principal Shepard vs Principal Lewis

Shepherd barely ever appears lewis appears a lot - ihatetrump

14 Roger vs Ernie the Giant Chicken
15 Stan Smith vs Ernie the Giant Chicken
16 Meg Griffin vs Avery Bullock
17 Cleveland Brown vs Avery Bullock

Obviouslt bullock - ihatetrump

18 Carter Pewterschmidt vs Santa Claus
19 Buckle vs Opie
20 Connie D'Amico vs Lisa Silver

The two ugly bitches are versing each other!

Thatd be HOT - ihatetrump

21 God vs The Antichrist

Duh! Off course God is going to win.

22 Jerome vs Linda Memari

Jerome may kiss ass but I bet that Linda will out smart him.

23 Al Tuttle vs Mort Goldman

Even a turtle can out smart Mort.

24 Elmer Hartman vs Mertz

Hmm... Let me think... �". Nether!

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