Top 10 Family Guy Running Gags

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1 Chicken Fights

This gag sees Ernie the Giant Chicken show up in the middle of a random scene involving Peter. The two then engage in a long (and very entertaining) fight, which Peter always ends up winning, afterwhich Ernie, who is seemingly dead, wakes up, foreshadowing their next encounter.

It's only funny the first few times.

2 Cleveland's Bathtub

A gag in which the front of Cleveland Brown's house is destroyed while the character is taking a bath, which steadily tilts and slides off onto the ground below.

This happens a lot

3 "Shut up, Meg!"

Meg Griffin is often the butt of the joke on the show and the rest of the Griffin family often tell her to shut up, ignore her, fart on her or do anything to humiliate her.

Peter is so mean to her

4 Quagmire's ''Giggity!''

Quagmire often says "Giggity" when he's aroused by the sight of a beautiful woman, and "Giggity giggity goo!" when he's really aroused. This gag was used very creatively over the years.

5 Stewie Trying to Kill Lois

This gag isn't used anymore in the newer seasons, but in the first few seasons, Stewie was always conceiving complex plans in order to see his mom meet her demise.

6 Bird is the Word

Peter Griffin is a huge fan of the song "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen and every time this song starts playing, Peter dances similarly to how the singer dances in the song's music video.

Classic gag, the episode about it was hilarious.

7 Kool-Aid Man

This gag is one of Family Guy's most diversed as it as almost never been used the same way twice. The initial incarnation of this gag saw a courtroom progressively go "Oh, no!" inciting the iconic Kool-Aid Man to break through the wall and say "Oh yeah!".

8 Roadhouse

A gag which usually sees Peter kicking someone, or something, and then say "Roadhouse!" which is a reference to the movie of the same name.

9 Brian's Writing Career

The entire point of this gag is that Brian is a crappy writer. Brian can be seen trying to write a book in a Starbucks, being undecisive about the title of his book, thinking about what kind of plot he wants or being teased by the Griffins.

It's almost never funny.

10 Consuela's ''No... No...''
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11 Evil Monkey

This gag involves an evil looking monkey coming out of Chris' closet.

12 Quagmire Hates Brian

Random and unfunny.

13 Conway Twitty

This is honestly an annoying one.

14 Cool Whip
15 Eddie the Live Studio Ostrich
16 Peter's Barbershop Quartet
17 Vern and Johnny
18 Peter Hurts His Knee

Meh, that one is way too long. Peter always spends 1 full minute grabbing his knee.

19 Buzz Killington
20 Ollie Williams
21 Peter Owning Weird and Expensive Vehicles
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