Top Ten Reasons to Feel Sorry for Meg Griffin

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1 She Always Gets Farted On by Peter

The writers should kill her off because her fandom is garbage. - ShadowHawk18

Honestly, I don’t know why fans still hate her or consider her abuse still funny. As a Family Guy fan, other fans are confusing...

I honestly hate Meg, but this item does it. Farts are gross and weird. - EpicJake

2 Everybody Puts Her Down

In fact, it has gotten to the point where Meg gets randomly thrown into an episode, or only just one scene and not anywhere else in the episode, just to get abused, even if she's doing nothing but minding her own business.

3 She Never Gets a Chance to Talk
4 She Gets Picked On In School

If I had a chance I would beat Connie and her group of idiots to death with a heel and id torture them until they grovel at Megs feet then I'd put them on Death Row

She actually went to prison and when she got out she got revenge on Connie

5 Nobody Likes Her

Aww! I like Meg!

6 She Is Always the Crappiest Character In Parody Episodes
7 She Cuts Herself

she is not a emo and I think she did not cut herself

8 She Is Fugly

she's pretty not ugly just because you have glasses dosen't mean your ugly

she is not good looking but shes not the worst, her friends are fuglier.

9 She Lives In an Abusive Home

I wish that Meg will move away from her family.

Meg in one episode put it best
(if the rest of the world could see how you treat me you would be in jail)

10 She Gets Called Ugly a Lot

If you call Meg ugly, you're also calling Lois ugly because Meg and Lois are similar.

Fans of this show call Meg ugly, yet they think Lois, who has a similar face, is 'beautiful'

Because she is

CiaranSean no she’s not I love meg but IRYO

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11 She didn't get any lines for the Star Wars episodes
12 She Cares About Everyone, but Nobody Cares About Her

Meg is an empowering cartoon character that deserves better, is beautiful both on the inside and on the outside, she's not really that ugly (to be honest), caring (off course), brave and very independent. Meg should date that handsome doctor (from the episode called "Peter's daughter") because at least he loves her for who she is and treats her properly. Or the male prisoners from " Dial "M" for Meg" because is also a good match for Meg. At least they both care for her.

13 She Got Shot for Saying "Hi"
14 She's the Only Good Character After Family Guy Returned After Being Cancelled

Stewie is good still for many people and me

15 She is Hated by Every Character in the Show and Everyone in Real Life for No Reason Whatsoever

Not true, Mayor West dated her and loved her. Brain doesn't hate her

16 She Got Voted as the Least Popular Character in the Show for the Stupidest Reasons Possible
17 She is the Only Griffin that Doesn't Commit More Than One Crime
18 She Got Put in Jail for the Stupidest Reason Possible

I feel very sorry for Meg. But luckily it doesn't happen to anyone in real life.

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