Top Ten Reasons Why Family Guy Is a Good Show

I await your comments telling me I should die along with Brian Griffin. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 It's Really Funny

Family Guy is a legendary show that should never get canceled.

2 Some of the Characters Are Loveable

You guys realize they are making Peter a bad person on purpose? Peter is supposed to be funny. Stewie is the most lovable and Brian.

3 Has Several Plotlines In Almost Every Episode
4 Chicken Fights

Peter and the chicken end up causing billions in damage to wherever they are fighting. Yet all they do is fight each other in those scenes.

5 It Has Not Gotten Worse Over Time, Unlike Spongebob
6 Road to the North Pole Is Funny
7 Giggidy Goo!
8 It's Educational In a Humorous Way

Also in a sex ed way. But still, better than nothing, right?

9 It Has Guest Voices
10 Stewie Griffin as a Character
The Contenders
11 When the Characters Abuse People, It's Funny

Meg abuse never gets old. Shut up, Meg!

12 They Made Fun of Justin Bieber

That's the only good part of the show.

13 Meg Griffin Suffers
14 Brian and Stewie's "Road to Episodes"
15 It's Tries to Be Political
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