Top 10 Worst Things Glenn Quagmire Has Done

For this list we will be covering the worst things that Glenn Quagmire has done on Family Guy, and because this is Quagmire expect a lot of sex related moments.
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1 Blamed Brenda for Not Being Strong Enough to Leave Her Abusive Relationship with Jeff (Screams of Silence)

The thing that pissed me off the most about Quagmire's so called intervention for his sister Brenda who's in a abusive relationship is that he blames her for not being strong enough to leave an abusive relationship.

Quagmire should've protected his personal sister, Brenda properly!

2 Assaulted Brian After Finding Out that He Was Together with His Transgender Father (Quagmire's Dad)

After finding out that Brian was with his now transgender father Quagmire is understandably pissed, but what follows is completely uncalled for as Quagmire breaks into the Griffin household and starts viciously beating Brian while he's tries to get away, normally I wouldn't have a problem with this expect Brian didn't do anything to deserve it as he was out of most of the episode and knew nothing that went on in his absent.

What Brian did was unintentionally! But Quagmire should be arrested for animal cruelty!

3 Raped Marge Simpson and Then Killed the Simpsons Family (Moving Out Brian's Song)

Sentence Quagmire in prison for life!

4 Slept with Cleveland's Wife Loretta (The Cleveland, Loretta Quagmire)

It's was also/mainly Loretta's fault!

5 Blamed His Behavior on His Mother (Quagmire's Mom)

Quagmire ends up being charged for having sex with a minor and branded as a sex offender during the trial Glenn tells everyone that his behavior was a result of his mother's poor parenting and tries to make it seem like he's the victim, the problem I'm having with this is it still doesn't excuse the fact that he that he unknowingly had sex with an under age girl he even stated that he didn't want to go to jail but still wanted to take credit for it. - egnomac

6 Convinced Peter to Have Sex with Him to Make Charmese Think He's Gay So She'll Divorce Him (The Giggity Wife)

After accidentally marrying an elderly prostitute Quagmire is desperate to divorce her however Joe tells him that if he does that she'll get everything in the divorce so he convinces her that he's gay which causes her to leave but she returns to get her stuff and catches him watching straight porn then calls off the divorce unless he can actually prove to her that he's gay and out of desperatoion he convinces Peter to have sex with him while she watches to prove to her that he is gay and she will finally leave they almost go through with the plan but before they can actually do anything Charmese calls off the charade and agrees to the divorce as she leaves Peter notices the camera on Quagmire's laptop is on as we cut to the Griffin household who are horrified apparently they were watching the whole time. - egnomac

7 Heavily Implied that He Planned to Have Sex with His Daughter When She Turned 18 (Quagmire's Baby)

The episode had a nice ending in which Quagmire gives up his daughter only to regret it and as he tries to take her back he see's that she is with a loving family and realizes that she's much better off unfortunately they had to ruin it in the final moments of the episode when Quagmire tells Peter "Who knows maybe I'll bump into her in 18 years" as Peter is shocked by what he just said as he adds "Did you really think I'd change that much! ". - egnomac

8 Had Sex with His Transgender Father (Quagmire's Quagmire)

Quagmire meets a sex crazed woman Sonya who is just like him and the two hit it off until she starts pushing things too far one of those is wanting for Quagmire to have sex with his transgender father Ida he of course goes through with it, - egnomac

9 Tried to Have Sex with Meg (Quagmire and Meg)

Meg turns 18 and Quagmire attempts to have sex with her even more surprising Peter and Lois actually show concerned for Meg's safety despite earlier Lois telling him not to to get involved until he tells her that the two went off to his sex cabin. - egnomac

10 Tricked Joe Into Allowing Him to Sleep with Bonnie (April in Quohog)
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11 Forcing Ida to choose him over Brian (Bri-Da)
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