Top Ten Family Members You Should Respect the Most

The Top Ten Family Members You Should Respect the Most

1 Mother

My mom respects me but not to the level that I was hoping for

Mother plus respect equals love

I respect her. She just makes me ma sometimes.

She was my mom,i love her.

2 Father

You should respect your mother and father equally. I voted 'Father' though because he lets me be who I am. We have a strong bond and a mutual respect for each other. - Britgirl

No. He doesn't know who I am! Nobody understands me well. Except for my fiends they understand me.

My mum and father divorced, but I still love my father. - Userguy44

I do but his anger issues are extreme sometimes

3 Grandma

She's important too, She gave birth to your mother, so you should respect your grandma. - funnyuser

I love my gma. She raised me since my mom ha dot go back to work. She has a lot to say and I like that. She helps me with lots kf things. I don't want to lose her. She's like a second mom to me.

4 Grandpa

Don't respect

5 Uncle
6 Brother
7 Sister

You're joking, right? I have sisters that are annoying, bossy and are tattle tales. Why should I respect them? - EpicJake

My sister is bossy but I can't change that. - Userguy44

No thanks. She's mean and bossy. I'm not respecting her. At my quince I'm kicking her out! I don't know actual,y I'm not that mean other than gossiping.

I love my sisters and I respect them both

8 Auntie

My Tia is nice and I respect her.

9 Cousin

When my cousins were younger I had to respect them despite the fact that they were constantly terrorizing and annoying me.

10 Baby

The baby is cute

Hell no. Crybaby. I am not respecting tahts little tattletale and crybaby. When she stops acting like a brat I will.

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11 Nephew
12 Niece
13 Husband
14 Wife
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