Top Ten Family Members You Should Respect the Most


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1 Mother

Mother plus respect equals love

I respect her. She just makes me ma sometimes.

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2 Father

You should respect your mother and father equally. I voted 'Father' though because he lets me be who I am. We have a strong bond and a mutual respect for each other. - Britgirl

No. He doesn't know who I am! Nobody understands me well. Except for my fiends they understand me.

I find it hard to respect someone who never seems to respect me. I love my father but it is not easy living so far away. - birdechosplash

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3 Grandma

I respect my grandma more than anyone else in my family. You should your grandma. She is old and probably knows allot about life. It is good to get advice from wise people who you are close to. - birdechosplash

She's important too, She gave birth to your mother, so you should respect your grandma. - funnyuser

I love my gma. She raised me since my mom ha dot go back to work. She has a lot to say and I like that. She helps me with lots kf things. I don't want to lose her. She's like a second mom to me.

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5 Uncle
6 Brother
7 Sister

You're joking, right? I have sisters that are annoying, bossy and are tattle tales. Why should I respect them? - EpicJake

I love my sisters and I respect them both

No thanks. She's mean and bossy. I'm not respecting her. At my quince I'm kicking her out! I don't know actual,y I'm not that mean other than gossiping.

8 Auntie

One of my aunties is really nice and the other may seem strange but actually knows allot about life. - birdechosplash

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9 Cousin
10 Baby

Hell no. Crybaby. I am not respecting tahts little tattletale and crybaby. When she stops acting like a brat I will.

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11 Nephew
12 Niece
13 Husband V 1 Comment
14 Wife
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