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1 Father

My father is more childish than most adults do. He's caring, experienced, calm and very decisive. While playing with brother is more fun and it makes me happier, father makes me feel safer and protected. - Goku02

As much as I love my Mother, my Father is the only man I can really depend on. He's strong but gentle, funny. He's a good listener and a calming influence in my sometimes manic life. I love you so much papa! X - Britgirl

My father seems more like a really good friend than a dad. 👨My parents are split up so I don't get to see him that much but I'm used to that. - Catlover2004

2 Mother

Moms are the best.

3 Brother

I completely adore and idolize my elder brother. He has always been there for me, he's funny, kind and very childish. I love my parents, but the generation gap makes it easier to play with brother compared to with mama and papa. My brother also taught me many lessons in life, he's almost like a second father to me ( He is 10 years older than me ) - Goku02

4 Grandmother
5 Sister

I've never had a sister, but I think that they would be just as amazing as brothers : ) - Goku02

6 Grandfather
7 Uncle
8 Second Cousin
9 Baby
10 Cousin

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11 Auntie
12 Son
13 Cousin-in-law
14 Daughter
15 Great Aunt
16 Niece
17 Stepmother
18 Stepfather
19 Stepbrother
20 Stepsister
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