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21 Stephanie Conroy
22 WaysOfTheWaithes
23 ModernMom4Life

This wonderful family had me hooked from the fist video:) Beautiful, well behaved, funny and just plain ADORABLE kiddos, with an amazing mum, and a seriously funny dad! You just have to check them out, and you too will be addicted!

Best family on YouTube. Five wonderful kids, an excellent mother, and a hilarious husband, seriously, he'll make you laugh.

I just live this family! The best family vloggers on YouTube ever. I'm always going right to their channel to see what's new everyday! They bring joy, laughter and always have a good time with each other. The love they have for each other just makes you want to cry tears of joy!

I am so excited to go watch it for the first time

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24 TeenyZ

Teeny's videos are amazing! I love Ask Teeny's, watching her do challenges with her husband, and hearing weekly updates about baby girl McKenzie! Teeny has such a fun and uplifting family, and watching her videos makes me so excited to watch her family grow as McKenzie arrives! Not to mention, I jam out to Teeny's intro every time. It's seriously my favorite intro on YouTube and I'm not exaggerating! Oh, and her little boy, Jackson, is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen! I love seeing him grow up through videos! Also, Teeny and Simon share so much with their viewers. Their dog Stella resently passed, and they're sharing the journey of losing her, and getting a new dog, with us. It makes me feeling so connected to their family! TeenyZ is overall such a great channel!

I love this family so much just because of how real they keep things. At first glance, Teeny seems like a well rounded/grounded business woman... But then you see her creep down a busy street as a velociraptor and things are never the same after that. I love how offbeat this family is and how whimsical they make their lives (I mean, Teeny walked down the aisle to "kiss the girl" from the little mermaid.) The love story between Simon and Teeny is beautiful and YES! Jackson is THE CUTEST kid on the planet.

Jackson, Teeny, and Simon are one of my favorite family's! Right now they are getting ready for baby McKenzie. She could come at anytime now. The Bentley family is just so amazing. They can edit bad parts out of there lives, but at least they let us see the embarrassing parts. I mean we have seen Simon with a full face of makeup and eat dog food before! Simon is funny, but he knows when to stop with the jokes. He can keep the family happy. He keeps me happy to! Did you see Simon do Teenys makeup, that was pretty interesting. Then we have Teeny, or Christina as some say. She keeps things real. If she isn't feeling well, is angry, or sad, she is gonna tell you about it! And then there is Jackson, he is the cutest kid ever! Have you heard him sing the ABCs? He is loving, and sweet, and caring. He is so cute when he talks to McKenzie, and she isn't even born yet! The Bentley family is one of the best families around!

I've watched Teeny's videos forever and before that loved her on Colleen's channel! She's hilarious and ABSOLUTELY flawless! I loved the transition to Our Teeny Family after McKenzie was born, we get to see a lot more vlogging feat. Simon and Jackson (and of c,baby McKenzie herself! ) I recently got a follow from Teeny and freaked out! She's just an all round great person and parent! I'm probably not the demographic a lot of fans of the channel are, as I am 17 (not a parent) and from Australia...still love everything about the channel! My favourite part of any day is when there's a new video out from this gorgeous fam! Even with jobs and the hectic schedule that comes with parenting two kids, Simon and Teeny never fail to deliver with content, putting out videos regularly that are perfect! Absolutely the hugest fan of their channel and family (and can we just talk about the dedication from both of them during vlogmas? with a newborn? at Christmas? ) Love you guys!

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25 OKBaby

I absolutely love watching their videos I was hooked from the first one. They love traveling to meet up with their family and friends and are always light hearted and garunteed to make you laugh. Even though they're young parents they are some of the best I've ever seen! And they're expecting their second baby!

Please give them higher scores they are an amazing family and I can't wait for Levi's little brother or sister

They got recommended to me by Youtube and I've been hooked ever since. It's awesome how much things can change in a span of time and what's even cooler is that they portray in their own way and remain as original as they've always been.

They are the best channel on YouTube! I absolutely love them. Their kids are sooo cute :) They are funny, kind, and just amazing. They deserve to be #1

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One of my top favorites ever! Even after their split. Jeana is so sweet & silly & Jesse is so fun & creative! Love these 2 in no matter what they do!

I love all of their pranks and nylah and bamboo



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27 The Girls + Dad

"Such an adorable family of 4! The two little girls are the cutest ever! "

"They post consistently throughout the week and have great 15-20 min vlogs! I love how natural they seem on camera even though they are a new family of Vloggers"

"Cutest family ever! "

28 BallingersPresent

I love BallingersPresent. They are one of the cutest and kindest family I have ever heard of. I remember from one of their latest vlogs that Parker had kicked over Bailey's game she just set up if that was me, I would probably scream at my brother but Bailey was so calm and that moment for some reason has just stayed in my mind. I love the Ballingers! They should definitely be up further with the Shaytards.

Literally the best people I've ever come across. The kids are so smart and wonderful, and the parents are the kindest. When I have kids, these are the people I'm going to look up to for guidance.

They are the BOMB DOT COM. They always have a good attitude and their kids are wonderful. Also, I love the occasional Parker dance parties. They are inspiring.

I love the ballingers! They're seriously the best family to watch! They always make me smile

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29 Lady T & Family
30 KittiesMama

Can you sense this amazing family Emma your super pretty and Noah + Jonah are two amazing brothers with there little baby brother too! And there parents are amazing! Good job and keep up the good work!

Can you smell myself fun they go to fun places and I love how little Emma is always ready to pounce you're so funny and I'm about the same as Emma is

This is a funny family that loves to be with each other. The kids are really goofy and the videos are on point.


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31 Roman Atwood

I absolutely love there channel it is amazing and Roman has turned into more of a family but has left some of the dangerous and crazy things still in his life/vlogs which I love!

Best family to watch on youtube, Their vlogs are constantly enjoyable to watch them do fun thing every single day

They are so awesome they have a great message and they are a all around just good family


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32 The Daily Davidsons

Best positive Family, best positive subscribers

Positive and Very Funny Family to Watch

Can't believe this family is so low on the list! Cute and funny family. I've never watched a family vlog as much as I watch this family.

They are so amazing going through many obstacle they such great parents to three kids with one on the way.
They have such many positive vibe towards them. I enjoy watching them

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33 GabeBabeTV

I mean really? Who doesn't love GabeBabeTV? They are the coolest and their chemistry and the families closeness is so beautiful.

I think you guys are so down to earth and really cool people. Let God continue to bless you and your beautiful son.

Adorable family! Such a role model family!

Amazing! I love to watch this family!

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34 Scott and Camber

Both Scott and Camber are authors. Also Scott is a totally outgoing Dad, super fun to watch. They have a newborn baby boy, and two girls. Camber loves baking and baking supplies.

35 8passengers

8 passengers are amazing to watch. They are always so inspiring and their kids are so lively and behave well. Thanks to Ruby, I want to be a stay home mom when I am older. Her life is just SO inspiring

They should be in top 10 as their videos are so real and fun, cute kids and same time, though a big family how well they live together within their means and hanging n there and having good time, they converse so well amongst each other, their music should make it commercially big.

Love them can't I just have to watch there blogs everyday no matter where I am

I love 8 passengers they're the best all thanks to ruby there won't be 8 of them there won't be russle Evie Chad Julie Abby and shari and narlie the dog we wouldn't have great videos that's why I would love to say thank you so much for the videos you make us ❤️❤️

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36 Familyfunpack

I love Family Fun Pack my brother two years old loves Michael and I love alyssa we watch Family Fun Pack videos everyday we love it I also love Daily Bumps

I love them their kids are adorable especially baby Michael

They have an AMAZING channel and their kids are so nice and baby Michael is adorable!

These guys are my favorite you tubers and I’m upset they aren’t higher

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37 GabeandJesss

I love watching Jess and her kiddos! They are so cute!

She is by far my favourite. The kiddos...ugh they're so cute. Jess has gone through so much and I love watching her journey; it reminds me that everything will be alright. Jess is so positive and I feel like she doesn't sugarcoat anything. I love Jessica & her family so much

Awesome person and wonderful kids

She is fantastic! And now her husband vlogs with her! Love this fam.

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38 Funnel Vision

This channel has so much laughter and childish thing. My brother and I always watching when we feel down or need a good laugh. I think that funnel vision is very creative with cooking and corny jokes. We both check to see if they have uploaded any new videos or even songs from their gaming. This channel is my favorite family channel. Funnel Vision if you ever read this thank you fort making videos.

Our youngest son LOVES this family!

This should be in third place because they are really funny and I personally LOVE them they are such a good family and PLEASE put them in THIRD PLACE!

Love them!

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39 Our Twin Life

Great vlogs featuring rwin boys. Jayden has a slight heart problem but doesn't slow down.

40 Bonnie Hoellein

Hi Bonnie your kids is so cute. My name is Kristen Martin. Bonnie you are so hilarious. I will meet you guys. I love your videos. Love Kristen Dawn Martin

Love watching Bonnie and her family. The kids are so stinkin cute and funny. Joel is such an amazing and fun dad and husband. And Bonnie is just so funny and is one of the greatest mom and wife. I think many young moms will have a lot to learn from her.

So cute! The kids are adorable...Boston is a 'lil tank'. Sweet family!

I love watching this family. They always put a smile on my face 😁. The kids are so adorable and cute, they are well behaved and smiley and I love watching you every day. YOUR FAMILY IS AMAZING!

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