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41 Cullen & Katie

LOVE this southern family and their adorable daughter and son along the way! Definitely should be in the top 10!

Love this family. Enjoy watching their vlogs. Can't wait to meet their new baby boy.

They should be in the top 10! Love watching their vlogs. They are such great parents.


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42 TheMomof6boys

Not daily but had viral video about her twins

43 kaitlynandbaby
44 RomanAtwoodVlogs

Best family on YouTube, Roman your one of a kind u flipped my whole life and I love you for that, Brittney I love your sprinkle collection and your lovely spirit, Noah I'm glad your back and I really love how u make the vlogs better, Kane your so adorable it just kills me, your family is goals. SMILE MORE.

This family is the best - so fun to watch all the pranks and just their everyday adventures

Love Roman he is so awesome

1 2 3 dab

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45 Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey you two are the best twins ever with your amazing joyful family!

46 AprilJustinTV

I love April, Justin and little toddler Liam! They are such a positive family and make you feel happy when you're down!

You guys are amazing with your toddler Liam he is adoring and I love him and this amazing family!

So funny and such a sweet family.

This family is always full of love and laughter.

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47 Reality Changers

This is definitely the best family vlog channel, Jorge and his daughters are so inspiring, he always helps his daughters to express themselves and he also teaches them to never ever be afraid to say what they think. The channel has been opened for about 4 years, when the girls were 2 and 6 years old, now they are 6 and 10, so if you interested in discover how children develop as the years go by, that is the best place to go.

I would consider this number one. Their family is so inspiring. Jorge is a single dad and he doesn't make his daughters act perfect or force them to be behaved. He supports them in what they want to do. Alexa is a really smart kid and thinks a lot mature for her age. Eliana is the cutest baby ever. Her smile alone can light up a bad day.

What I really like about this channel is how the father of the girls (jorge) make his daughters think and talk, he also instigates them to never be afraid to express themselves. In my opinion they are the cutest and the best family vlog

Their videos have no pretensions.

48 The Maltbie Bunch

This family is seriously amazing! Their daughter Audrey is adorable in every way and Brayden is the perfect big brother...don't even get me started on their dog! Oh my goodness!

Awesome family!

Love, love, love the Maltbies!

My favorite family vloggers. I start my morning everyday with a cup of coffee and watch the Maltbie Bunch, what a great way to start the day. 😊

49 April And Davey

Great family, great values, great vlogs!

Awesome family

1. This is in my opinion the best family vlog available out there
2. There new born baby EB is way too funny and cute <3
3. 5 stars to the family. A must watch!

50 all4youtube

Weekly vides hosted mostly by the kids in the family. Lots of pranks.

It is a very fun family that does many pranks on each other

I love them there amazing All4TubeKids!

51 Theschuermanshow

No matter how much people hate on them! I love me some Schuermans! Been watching for over 5 years! Next to TheMalbieBunch blogs, the Schuerman Show is my fave!

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52 britneyandbaby

Cutest couple with an adorable baby girl. She is so mature for her age, and a great mom.

I learn a lot from watching such a lovely family

Love this family!

Cutest Family ever!
Defenetly have to watch them

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53 Nat and Wes and the Rest

Their twins are one year old now, they are a beautiful normal family, love their freshness. Check them out!

I love their twins! Natalie talks about how life is not always perfect and shows some low parts in her life unlike the vloggers on this list.

A kind of new vlogging family, Nat and Weston both have such beautiful baby boy twins that are almost or are 8 months old! Check them out!

They are a beautiful family.
God may continue to bless them!

54 ErikTV365

Awesome family, always something new, and provide so much happiness.

Another daily family vlogger who I feel deserves the recognition is Eriktv365. Makes fun videos with his wife and 2 sons. Awesome cake making and baseball and just all around family fun.

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55 It's Our Wonderful Life

A new family on Youtube that are having twin boys. They have two little ones under 3 already. A boy, Harrison, and a girl, Wyn. The kids are adorable and Will and Emily are really funny. They do a lot of challenges, product reviews, and fun things with there kids. Great family

A really fun family with two adorable children and twins on the way!

Really funny! There kids are super cute!

56 ukfamilyvlog

A loving young family Mum, Dad, three children and a baby due September 2015.

Dave is one half of a radio presenting double act on a local radio station. However, the vlogs mainly focus on their families day to day life with all the family get involved talking to the camera. Fun to watch.

A young family with three children. Fun to watch, however they are new at vlogging but sure they will get better as time goes on. The Dad of the family (Dave) talks openly about overcoming his depression.

I love the K family and enjoy following their vlogs! It's entertaining and enjoyable to watch! There kids are awesome and so are they!

57 Canadian Family Vlog

Easily my favorite new vlog to watch every day! Can't wait for the next video!

Love them! I watch theit vlogs every night before I go to bed. Their kids are so cute and well behaved and they are awesome parents!

They are a Newer Vlogger but they are becoming Very Popular, they have been compared to the Shaytards, Jared and Ellie and more

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58 Truly Blessed With Four Littles

Daily vlogs most beautiful family
2 which are special needs very real mom is awesome should have a lot more subscribers.

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59 Julie Deru

I love Julie she is real and very humble


60 LoraandLayton

They are no longer posting videos due to family security reasons.

They were wonderful. I still watch their old videos... Miss them.

A daily VLOG that is funny.

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