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61 Simply Liv

Simply liv is a family vlog and second bratayley is number 1 simply liv is based on 3 kids named Brody liv and Wyatt 1mom named Jill and one dad I love simply liv and you should to

I love simply liv and BRATALEY they are my favorite YouTubers

I love simply liv and acroanna which is also in brataley I love the videos when they are together with flippin Kate to

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62 HahaDrew

Just found HahaDrew and apparently he is friends with Samika! I'd love it if they got together and became friends! Their kids would totes be adorable together. HahaDrew is hilarious

HahaDrew is a new vlogger I found! Apparently he works at Trixin with Samika, Daehan Jang, TribeTyler, and ShayCarl. His wife and him are HILARIOUS and his baby is so cute! I'm excited to see how many more videos they put up

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63 It's Our Wonderful Life

A new family on Youtube that are having twin boys. They have two little ones under 3 already. A boy, Harrison, and a girl, Wyn. The kids are adorable and Will and Emily are really funny. They do a lot of challenges, product reviews, and fun things with there kids. Great family

A really fun family with two adorable children and twins on the way!

Really funny! There kids are super cute!

64 HeyKayli

Weekly videos and tips.

Kayli is so lovely and her channel is great for tips, family & marriage advice, and just fun! Check her out!

She dose a great job with the tips THANK YOU KAYLI


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65 1CrazyLife4Me

Wanna laugh? This family is crazy funny. Their kids are totes adorns too!

Such a cool family! You gotta check them out if you wanna laugh!

They don't have channel no more what a shame

I love them. Hi guys

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66 BrooklynandKamal

I found her to be real also very humble

67 Hannah Maggs

They vlogs are amazing, little pieces of art

Love the Michalaks family vlogs on a Sunday

68 The FreedomFamily
69 Bolanos Bunch

Best family on YouTube should have a lot more subscribers.

70 KyleandCourt
71 Roi Wassabi
72 Aces Hi

South East England based family with a daily vlog. EXTREMELY sweet and very engaging with their subs. Two young children, boy almost 2 and a girl just started school. Always something happening, even on quieter days, from trips out to the local zoo and attractions to art activities or challenges at home. Been subbed for a few months now and how they manage to do so much as a family while still finding the time to edit daily, as well as being active with their followers is truly incredible.

Love these peeps! Always doing fun things

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73 Kay Kay's World
74 SamProof V 2 Comments
75 Team Yancey

Refreshing! Not super commercialized like MOST of the popular family vloggers. Their cruise vlogs are amazing as well. - esquire

The Niravanes are new to YouTube and have a really cute family. Love their blogs too!

76 MrArturoTrejo

Love this family the dad is super funny and t whenever I see their videos in the subscription box I get SUPER excited.

Very funny weekly videos. Some shot like a VLOG others edited together. Always funny.

77 Thefatsoflife

They seem to be a great family and I love them.

Great uncle and father. They seem to have just started vlogging but have great promise.

Thefatsoflife A new Vlog Family that has a small fan base, but the dad/Uncle is funny and I am sure they will grow with time. I recently had a short email conversion with Vince (the father) to get his prospective on his vlog.

He is very open, but the camera has him shy and says he will most likely open up and express more of his goofy side as he becomes more comfortable. He states he was unaware people are making money vlogging. I mention how the Shaytards are basically millionaires. He says he knows of them, but wasn't aware of them until he started vlogging.

"I think I will keep my day job for now"

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78 Carliestylez

I love with her hard life with a divorce with a son but she got married to a man that is right

A wonderful creator and entertainer!

A lady with a son


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79 sjlovesicecream

Once a week video with Jazzy 12 year old and Katy 13 year old
Their videos are mostly about Fun, Crafts and Make up.
Whatch their videos now.

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80 Super and Sunshine

A super colorful family. They have a lot of great moments with their homeschooled kids. They are in preparation to take a year long road trip with their 4 kids in their converted shuttle bus they call the Dharma Love bus.

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