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101 Emily Wowk

A young parent with a very adorable a cute daughter probably with the most awesome voice

Such an amazing mother to little Jayda! I love them! Been watching for years! And I stayed and waited patiently through the year break they took! Haha
10/10 would recommend!

102 The LaVigne Life

The LaVigne Life is great! You really look forward to every episode they put up. They have an amazing family and love their fans. You can see the love between Jerry and his fiance Dee. Its extremely admirable

Loved Jerry from the beginning! And now he's sharing his lovely family with his fans. Nothing gets better than the LaVigne life!

Super adorable family with two kids, one a newborn! Loving family


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103 samuel8955
104 Oh Rio Family Vlogs

A family vlog from Hawaii The family has a lot of sense of humor, it's sweet and full of fun family vlog that is up daily. Check them out you won't regret it

105 theplayles

British couple with the cutest little girl - great editing/music

106 David Daniel
107 Viapree Project

Great family! They make videos of family trips, especially to Disney World, and more! Definitely the up and coming family vLog!

108 Family4Real

We've been inspired by the Shaytards, and follow Daily Bumps, Cullen & Katie among others. I hope you check us out and enjoy! Thanks!

109 Heykeli V 2 Comments
110 The Michalaks V 2 Comments
111 Vlog Epicness

Vlog Epicness adds humor and excitement to family vlogging. The family is really into extreme sports and are really fun to watch.

112 AshlyandMike
113 Our Family Nest

Our Family Nest is awesome! Watch one of their videos and you will be addicted. They are so funny and entertaining. They actually reply to people's comments unlike other YouTubers. From shirtless Chase to Karli's Miranda Sings impressions. It is really fun to take time out of your day and watch their videos. The deserved A LOT more credit. You won't regret subscribing to them.

This should be in first place people! You NEED TO Subscribe! Also they are so fun, and this is really cool, they live only 20 min away from me!

They're so entertaining and interesting to watch! You also can't get bored with them unlike other family channels and they're always doing something new

Everyone vote they deserve way more votes they are amazing and candi takes the take to edit and doesn't really get any sleep because she is editing ps who thinks there dogs are adorable so my point is subscribe and like there videos and bote that deserve it bye felica

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114 TLife Daily Vlogs

Family vlogs, fun, and lots of stuff going on/ to watch.

115 Rachel Ballinger

Rachel is funny, confident, brave, and tough she is so put into her videos for Super Bowl tickets and her speech at colleens wedding was so nice saying that josh might be able to protect Colleen mor I put my love and loyalty to Rachel and her family

Rachel is so funny and is so adorable. She is so genuine and nice and is a good role model for females

I love you Rachel your whole family is amazing

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116 Whats Up Moms

So funny with a huge variety of videos posted very consistently

They are so funny they make videos and diy videos and so much more

They have very cute kids

And have very bright personalitys

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117 HeyThatsMike V 2 Comments
118 Foolyliving

Cutest kid ever! They bring joy to my life! Pretty new to YouTube, but should have a lot more subs!

119 Hunter In the Gym
120 The Neverlanders

New to the YouTube community, I stumbled across this awesome family by accident and instantly fell in love.

Tattooed parents with awesome children who find themselves in funny public situations often that seem to be loved by everyone.

With good values and a heart for their audience, I wouldn't be surprised if they become a top well known Vloggers in the YouTube community soon.

Just my two cents...

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