Biggest Events in Human History

List that contains immense events through human history.
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1 World War II

The Nazis almost took over the world.

Big technologies change.

A crime against mankind.

All because of jews.

2 World War I

Without WW1 there would have been no ww2, korean war, vietnam war, cold war or war in the middle east.

This should be number 1

The worst thing ever

3 Invention of the Internet

Started obesity epidemic, physical interface, pear-shaped bodies as the norm.

It has changed our lives today, it made them easier and harder in certain ways

4 Industrial Revolution
5 9/11

No one can ever forget this every year at every school in America you see them talking about this event. It's because it was so horrible and it was tragic...

Security checks at airports increased, homeland security was invented, and American Nationalism rose

6 Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The bombing at Hiroshima showed that man could destroy himself. The bombs also were the culmination of decades of racism against Asian peoples in America which was likely an extension of the global "East-West" conflict.

Huge events to be sure, but calling them "culmination of racism against Asian people" is so much revisionist claptrap.

7 Crucifixion of Christ

Without the shedding of HIS BLOOD, paying the price for our sins, humanity would be
or our souls be burning in the inferno. Jesus defeated death, HE is Risen and sitting on the right hand of our Heavenly Father.

It is the only way for a just and righteous God to reconcile sinful people to Himself. Jesus died, the just for the unjust in order to bring us to God.
This event is really the only event, when believed upon in faith that has made it possible for people to live eternally with their Creator in peace. So the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus's death and resurrection on our behalf, goes well beyond the few years of our earthly existence.

The event that caused history to be divided as we know it and who sparked a following that has lasted and flourished into the modern world. Christianity as a movement has inspired countless historical figures and shaped civilisations. And that is an objective view, if you consider the prospect of salvation offered to an entire race then Christ wins hands down without competiton.

Jesus shaped the way we think and act so profoundly.
He gave us freedom from the fear of death.
We are no longer lost orphans; we are brothers and sons to a loving father who created us out of pure love.
Jesus died volunteerely so that we can live free.
Jesus showed us what we are truely made of and how great we can be.
If he is not God and if his resurection is not the greatest event in mankind history then show me any lifeform who can beat death and I will worship it.

8 The Black Death
9 Cold War

An indirect conflict between two sides: East, URSS and West, the American.

10 Landing on the Moon

I thought this was a major event because it was a race between the USA and Russia to land on the moon successfully and well, we did it.

This will be more important in the future because it will mark the first time that people went on a place other than earth.

In 10,000 years, only 2 things on this list will be remembered, the Moon Landing, and the first atomic warfare.

It still blows my mind we were able to achieve this. What's next, a frigging gas giant landing?

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11 Great Depression

This effected everyone in the world...

12 Birth of Muhammad

HE PBUH established the first ever welfare state in human history"The state of Madinah" which eventually became the Rashedun Caliphate.The state had equal application of rule of law ,even on the Caliph. The state of madinah taxed upon the rich in various forms like Jakat and spent that money sololy on the poor.Christian ,jewish and minorities were given the right to perform their worship with full security from the muslims under the state order established by the Prophet pbuh.

In the state women got the right of keeping property completly on her own authority.Got the right to choose any proffession and education with in the criteria of performing Hijab. Every citizen including women Got the right to criticize , accuse and ask for accountability face to face of their Calipha without getting punishment from him.Muhammad Pbuh declared freeing a slave as one of the most noble did a man can do.Even some one had to keep a slave, Muhammad Pbuh ordered to treat those slaves equal to ...more

It should be first

Must be first

13 First Voyage of Christopher Columbus

A famous French explorer Christophe Colomb discovered America and new civilizations in 1492.

They didn't discover the new world, there were already native americans

14 The American Revolution
15 Constantinople Conquered

The Muslims conquered the capital of the Roman Empire. More specifically it was the Turks who were once a backward people who were kicked out by the Mongols.

Constantinople still exists as Istanbul, Turkey.

16 The Neolithic Revolution

How was this not on here? Without it, we would still be nomads!

17 The Holocaust

Most tragic event. Over 6 million innocent people died and I was lucky enough to meet a survivor. I will never forget his story.

Millions died and it changed the course of history forever on how we view literally everyone.

18 Gutenberg Invents the Printing Press

Rightly so, This has been voted as the highest the 1001-2000 millennium. The advent of the printing press brought reading to the masses. Could ideas like democrarcy have spread, revolutions have happened without this?

19 Cubs winning the 2016 World Series

Happiest moment in world history.

20 Woodstock
21 Civil Rights Movement

The Black Society was able to have more rights and allowed them to have more successful lives.

22 The Fall of The Roman Empire
23 Titanic Disaster

The first big, fancy(For the most part) ship failed, many died, and the captain who was going to retire died on his last voyage.

24 Brexit
25 Spanish Flu

Worse than the Black Death, more than 40 million people died.

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