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1 India India India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.

This is incredible country

Very very great country which was the richest of all countries at a time but still India is the best country you can see the rich poor large small building modern culture old culture rich cities poorest villages snow covered regions deserts the festivals are amazing and the gods you see in India the some culture of the world and every religion is practiced here you will everything in this country so India is best to live

Love the people in India, so many people marry Indians, most inter racial marriages with Indians love em

India is not that great.

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2 China China China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over 1.388 billion. It was established in 1949 by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. Its capital is Beijing. The major cities are Shanghai, more.

Definitely world-famous, definitely the best and the strongest although the guys aren't so good...

China is a big country, so it's not hard to miss on the map.

China is the best

Mulan duuu

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3 Japan Japan Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. more.

Japan is way famous than India and China because when I asked my friends about the symbol of Asia that stand outs to them and they replied ninjas, Its not only them other people reply that. Ninja and samurai battles are in Japan yet its unfortunate that annoying neighbours and fellow asian countries just take credit of that just to take petty popularity or the countries incredible history and cultures is over shadowed by communist propaganda, rich cities sometimes mistaking arabic culture that actually hides a strong racial hatred towards black people, or people now being concentrated to the pathetic attempt of Philippines government to show superiority over everyone. The most degrading fact is that North Korea is placed or considered an asian country along with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Palestine making the continent look down upon only annoying, psychotic, power hungry, corrupt, and down right rude neighbours especially Syria has an extreme disregard for life and humanity ...more

Japan is one of my favorite countries for many reasons.

Japan is an amazing country.


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4 Philippines Philippines The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.

Philippines is by far, one of the best countries you can ever visit. With hall the enchanting tourist destinations and deliciously and professionally cooked food, you can never turn that down, right? Also the Filipinos there are very friendly and respectful. You will also be amuse on how they treasure their religious beliefs. Be ready also to be amaze on how hard they work. With their full- energy and happiness, you will never get tired. Magnificent hand works. Beautiful and ancient churches. Amazing tourist destinations. Delicious food. Tropical weather. Friendly Filipinos. You should really respect the Philippines. You can't always find such an amazing country like it. It may have rocky roads, dirty walls and small and smelly kind of transportation... It's still a country made by God. Respect it. Love it. IT'S MORE FUN IN THE Philippines!

Filipinos are all around the world. Mostly seeking employment and some for recreational purposes, making their country well known. I haven't heard any country without any Filipino expat population around the globe.

Philippines, hands down. Best tourist destinations. Best food. Best people to be with.

This country is filled with beautiful places and water

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5 Russia Russia Russia, known as the "Russian Federation", was formed on Dec 25, 1991. It is located mainly in Asia, while a portion of it remains in Europe. The capital and largest city is Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg in terms of population. The country primarily speaks Russian, a Slavic language. more.

It is 4th because it is the biggest country

Amazing amazing country


6 Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is known as the world's second most beautiful capital city. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second more.

Pakistan is the only country which based its ideology on religious values. The Muslim world gives it resplendet gratitude. It was Pakistan in the cold war era which was of great importance. All the central Asian countries rely on its sea ports which are active throughout the year. Its Pakistan which has all the 4 seasons. It is Pakistan which has many archeological findings of the ancient civilizations. Considering the above intel, I don't see any reason of why Pakistan shoudlnt be famous

Dude there is nothing here specifying that Pakistan isn't famous. Just because it isn't number 1 does not mean it isn't famous. Pakistan is a well-known country in Asia but just not the most well-known

I love Pakistan because that is very country


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7 Thailand Thailand Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia.

This list is completely biased if Thailand's not ranked higher! I'm Caucasian American, and I Love Thailand. It's technically the best country in Asia, it should be on par with Japan <3 Thai food is the best I've ever eaten (I love it even more than Japanese food) and Thai people are so cute and polite (Wayyy More polite than their neighbors) TwT I love how Thai people's skin tone varies from tan to white (A typical South Eastern country! ) Their beaches are absolutely amazing too, like a paradise, and their fashion sense is awesome - Full of cuteness and coolness. Thailand is also a very succesful LGTB country, though I am a straight teenage woman, I have to say, I am so proud to support LGTB and Thailand rocks for putting everyone of every sexuality as equals without Fight. Like there wasn't even a thought about it, they all flowed smoothly. I'm dying to visit Thailand again someday... I made friends there during my last visit two years ago, her name's Linji and she's the most ...more

I have been to thailand not less than 30 trips over pass 20 years. Needless to say...i love this country as much as mine.
Thai people generally don't meddles in other countries business issue unlike the pinoys.
Due to the high flow of tourists from everywhere which feels they have the rights to exploit the thais, you can't blame them for being skeptical or not trying to act friendly to you...but once you show that you aren't there to exploit them given theirs stuff are generally cheap. They are generally quite nice to deal with.
They are way more tolerance in term of races compares to other SE asia countries.
In my so many trips there...except for taxi and tuk tuk I can't remember I was once ripped off. For taxi...mostly complied to go by meters. Only certain late night they ask for certain fixed mount which I think is it still way reasonable..come on...100 to 200 bahts for a 20 to 30mins ride...if you come from a better off country you should know better.

My rating ...more - Halfawake

8 Singapore Singapore Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, and often referred to as the Lion City, the Garden City, and the Red Dot, is a global city and sovereign state in Southeast Asia and the world's only island city-state.

Singapore is THE best.
It ha one of the busiest ports and cleanest airport in the world!
It has a lot of tourist attractions like the 2nd most expensive building in the world-Marina Bay Sands.
It is also one of the richest and most visited countries.

No doubt! This is gonna be famous because of their moral attributes, tourist attractions & everything that you see in the small but terribly the most powerful country ever...Singapore! It should be on top 5, OK?


I love is the best city...

9 South Korea South Korea South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

Lol how is South Korea no 10. It's number 1 or 2

Absolute 1!

No way south Korea is best why Pakistan is placed before Korea?
This is all bad south Korea is best even through at least it should be placed in top 5

Ever heard of kpop?

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10 Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.

The best country ever

I love Malaysia so much because they are kind and polite. Their beaches and food are absolutely amazing. I proud to be a Malaysian and Malaysia is the best. Malaysia boleh

Not bad,do come visit Malaysia. Multi races and cultures living together they are Indian, Chinese and Malay will give you special experiences.

We have food

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? Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon was established in 1920 and gained its independence in 1943. For a couple of years it has lacked a president; yet, on October 31st, 2016, it got president Michel Aoun . It is known as the Phoenix of the world since it has sunken under the ocean and has been destroyed by wars 7 times . In advance, more.

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11 Israel Israel Israel, officially the State of Israel is a country in the Middle East, on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea.

My dad is Jewish

12 U.A.E

I love uae
it is upcoming with a lot of parks and all have rides
safe and a good country to live in but little expensive

13 North Korea North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.
14 Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia. Ruled by the Dutch for over 300 years and Japan for 3 years and 6 months, the country gained independence in 1945, or exactly in 17th August 1945. Jakarta is the capital city, located in the island of Java. Major languages more.

World's second highest level of biodiversity

Indonesia is very friendly country

I love Indonesia

Why is this so low - ComelCumil

15 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab state in Western Asia (Middle east) constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official Language is Arabic The capital city is Riyadh.

The most Holy Country the Universe, let alone the world!

16 Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.
17 Mongolia Mongolia
18 Turkey Turkey Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries with Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, more.

When you're in north, Karadeniz (Black Sea), you will find farmers in mountains and little cities.

When you're in south, you will see modern cities with beautiful hotels, with beautiful light blue sea.

When you're at west, you will find modern, secular Turkey with many different kind of cultures. Also historical museas like Sophia, Topkapı etc...

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v ideo BLACK SEA : http s:// you tu.b e /ICF5CA_Y1uw

v ideo ISTANBUL :
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Don't take it wrong, I just show the beauty of my country.
I didn't mention east Turkey because it's still poor. Not because of racism to Kurds or whatever. It's still a nice place to visit, there are very much historical places and kind people.

19 Nepal Nepal Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a sovereign state located in South Asia. more.

Nepal is the best

Nepal is the best

Nepal is very best

Famous for the " HIMALAYAS"

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20 Taiwan Taiwan Republic of China was established in 1912. After the Chinese Civil War (1949), the Chinese government relocated to Taiwan. Its capital was originally Nanjing but now it's Taipei. Mandarin is the most spoken language.
21 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known from the beginning of British colonial rule until 1972 as Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India.

Beautiful nature

Sri lanaka is a marvelous country yo me

22 Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, is surrounded by India, with a small common border with Myanmar in the southeast. The country is low-lying riverine land traversed by the many branches and tributaries of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.

Seriously this is lower than sri lanka?

Bd the best!


23 Iraq Iraq
24 Iran Iran Iran, also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a sovereign state in Western Asia. The capital city is Teheran and the major city is also Tehran. The language is Persian. more.
25 Myanmar Myanmar

Myanmar was great

I love this.

26 Bahrain Bahrain
27 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in northern Central Asia, with a sliver of its territory west of the Ural River extending into Eastern Europe.
28 Qatar Qatar Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is a sovereign country located in Southwest Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
29 Yemen Yemen Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

Yemen officially known as the republic of Yemen, is a arab country in western Asia.

30 Syria Syria
31 Kazakhstan
32 Bhutan Bhutan Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in South Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas.
33 Maldives Maldives Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an island country and archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
34 Jordan Jordan Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River.
35 Oman Oman Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
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