Top Ten Most Famous Australian Cities

The Top Ten

1 Sydney

I think its mainly popular for the Sydney opera house. - nintendofan126

Yup,it is the most popular city of Australia. - cosmo

Sydney is THE BEST!


2 Melbourne

Sporting Capital of the world

Most livable city

Sydney is gayyt

3 Brisbane

Melbourne, the most livable city, my ar$e - the weather there is TERRIBLE! And sporting capital of the world - HARDLY! And Sydney the most popular city - GET REAL! Brisbane may not be many things but it has a FABULOUS climate and fortunately, it doesn't have the horrendous traffic jams that plague Sydney and Melbourne.

4 Perth
5 Adelaide
6 Canberra

Canberra is the capital of Australia, but some people think it's Sydney because it's almost known by everyone. - tiagocowboy11

Good climate, hot in summer, cold in winter. Great interactive museums and places like that. Love it.

7 Hobart
8 Gold Coast

Best one to visit because you have got heaps of rides to go on at theme parks


9 Darwin
10 New Castle

It's spelt Newcastle.* - Aussiebloke321

The Contenders

11 Alice Springs
12 Cairns

"The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef." Honestly it's a beautiful place to live, and Cairns is very diverse, some people think we are racist dickheads but the truth is far from that, Cairns is paradise to me.

13 Townsville
14 Tweed Heads
15 Launceston

Beautiful City.

16 Mount Gambier

I don't know why it's not on here before

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