Top 10 Famous Christian Billionaires

this is a list of famous christian billionaires belonging to various denominations

The Top Ten Famous Christian Billionaires

1 John Templeton

During the cold war era christianity faced existential threat but american billionaire sir john templeton remained loyal to christianity not only that the templeton foundation he founded played an important role in defending christianity, sir john templeton was extremely devout lifelong presbyterian christian, he was an elder in the presbyterian church and also for many decades was member of the american bible society and till his death he invested huge amount of money into his foundation to counter left wing communist propaganda in order to defend christianity. - shawnham

2 J Howard Pew

Famous american businessman and oil tycoon j howard pew was extremely devout lifelong presbyterian christian, he strongly believed in conservative value therefore was strong supporter of republican party and lifelong member of conservative presbyterian church, he also played an important role in founding of the famous christianity today magazine, he financially supported christianity today magazine till his death. - shawnham

3 Michael Jaharis

Greek american billionaire michael jaharis was a lifelong devout greek orthodox christian, he was very proud of his orthodox roots and culture,had very close ties with his church and for many years till his death he served as vice chairman of the greek orthodox archdiocesan council. - shawnham

4 Michele Ferrero

Italian billionaire michele ferrero was a lifelong devout roman catholic, he was very proud of his catholic faith, he incorporated catholic values in his business donated huge amount of money to catholic charities and every year went to catholic pilgrimages. - shawnham

5 Jay Cooke

According to many historian jay cooke is considered as america's first investment banker and really he was one of the richest man in the 19th century, in his personal life he was a man of strong christian faith, he was lifelong devout episcoplian christian, he donated huge amount of money to episcoplian charities and financed construction of many churches, in an era when evil guys like karl marx who were talking about destroying christianity and destroying churches. jay cooke remained loyal to christianity and using his money helped financed construction of many churches and helped spreading and defending the gospel. - shawnham

6 JP Morgan

Iconic american businessman jp morgan was a " w.a.s.p" meaning he belonged to white anglo saxon protestant family, before the 1960s america was completely controlled by the w.a.s.p families and they were very proud of their protestant culture and protestant heritage and till the 1960s the w.a.s.p strongly believed in traditional christian values that is why abortion got only legalized in usa only in the 1970s and gay marriage was also considered indecent.
only after the 1960s that the w.a.s.p [presbyterian and episcoplian] became liberal and that ruined everything
anyways jp morgan like many other w.a.s.p before the 60s was a very devout episcoplian christian, he strongly believed in lord jesus christ and donated huge amount of money to episcoplian charities and also played an important role in founding the famous church club of new york which he financed till his death. - shawnham

7 Richard Devos

Dutch american businessman richard devos who is founder of amway company is a staunch self respecting old school christian, he strongly believes in traditional christian social values and he financially supports many conservative causes, richard devos is a proud member of dutch christian reformed church in north america, the church strongly follows traditional calvinist values. - shawnham

8 Jakob Fugger

Ethnic german billionaire jakob fugger who was one of the richest man to ever live on this planet in history was extremely devout roman catholic,he had very close relation with the catholic church and he financed construction of many cathedral in germany and also made huge contributions to catholic charities, also he lived during the time of protestant reformation in germany, but despite catholicism facing existential threat during that era he and his family chose to remain loyal to catholicism not only that many many of his descendants had very close relationship with the catholic church, still today in the 21st century member of the fugger family in germany are catholics and they have very close relations with the catholic church, actually fugger family is the most famous catholic family in germany or to a larger extent in the whole of europe. - shawnham

9 Bill Gates William Henry "Bill" Gates III is an American business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and programmer.
10 Cosimo de Medici

Italian banker cosimo de medici was also one of the richest man in history, he belonged to one of the most famous and influential catholic family in history which is the medici family. the medici family were very influential in the catholic church,many of its members joined the clergy and became priest, some even managed to become pope,actually 3 members of the family went on to become "pope" of the catholic church, others members were all devout catholics and had close ties with church,they used their wealth to finance construction of many cathedrals and also they financed many painters who went to paint famous catholic artwork.
COSIMO DE MEDICI like many members of his family was a lifelong and devout roman catholic all his life he ad close relations with catholic charities he financed construction of many cathedral also he financed catholic artist and painters.cosimo de medici and other members of the medici family were also called god's billionaire because of their extremely ...more - shawnham

The Contenders

11 Richard B Mellon

Famous american banker richard b mellon belonged to a very famous and rich traditional and conservative white anglo saxon protestant family, richard b mellon was a lifelong and devout presbyterian christian,all his life he made huge donation to presbyterian charities, he also founded presbyterian pensions fund for presbyterian pastors and also financed huge money for the construction of cathedral of hope in his hometown of pittsburgh pennsylvania, in an era when the bigot leftist were destroying churches all over the world, mellon financed huge amount of his own money for the construction of a presbyterian church,shows how much love and affection he had for his faith.
before 1960s white anglo saxon protestant families belonging to presbyterian and episcopal churches who controlled america because of their enormous wealth were all strong social traditional conservative and were proud of their traditional protestant roots, that is the reason why abortion only got legalized only in ...more - shawnham

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