Top Ten Famous Disney Scenes


The Top Ten

1 The Circle of Life
2 Aurora wakes up from being cursed by Maleficent
3 Cinderella's dress turns beautiful
4 Mickey in the wizard outfit

Kind of Iconic no? I'd say yes sir - Curti2594

5 Bambi meets Flower
6 Pinocchio's nose grows
7 Pinocchio becomes a real boy
8 Bambi's mother dies
9 Snow White meets the Dwarfs
10 Steamboat Willy

The Contenders

11 The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come chasing Ebenezer Scrooge on a phantom hearse

This was insane add to the fact that Scrooge then became minaturized and it certainally wasn't like any other Christmas Carol adaptation I have ever seen.

12 Elsa Singing Let It Go
13 Lady & the Tramp eat the same spaghetti string & end up kissing
14 Dumbo Flies
15 Ebenezer Scrooge being blasted towards the moon riding a flame-retardant cone
16 To Infinity & Beyond, Woody & Buzz are flying

They weren't flying! They were falling with style!

17 Andy says goodbye to his toys
18 Boo goes to her door and no longer sees Kitty
19 The Incinerator Scene in Toy Story 3
20 Captain Jack Sparrow's Introduction

As soon as you see this guy sailing into Port Roysl on his tiny ship, with that totally epic music background, you just know you're about to get the adventure of a lifetime.

21 Snow White's kiss with the prince
22 Snow White's happily ever after
23 Snow White dancing with the dwarfs
24 Three way sword fight between Jack Sparrow, James Norrington and Will Turner on Isla Cruces
25 Toys get revenge on Sid
26 “You. Are. A. TOY” (Toy Story)
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