Top 10 Most Famous Guns

The Top Ten

1 AK-47

USSR, yes I know and I'm sorry the ak in nower days are like chinees cars there everywhere and not so good, like its accuracy, a terrorist wont buy a m4 because its more expinsive that the ak47 - Lady_Comstock

- Over 100 million ak-47's have been since 1949, which is more than every other type of assault rifle combined.
- At least one side in every single major war or conflict (civil or international) in the past 60 years has used ak-47's.
- Ak-47's have killed more people than any other weapon/killing device in human history.

2 M4
3 Beretta M9
4 Thompson Model 1928
5 Glock 17
6 Colt 1911
7 MP40
8 M95
9 MP5
10 G36

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11 Kentucky Rifle
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