Top 10 Famous Individual Gemstones Mined in India

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The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is probably the most well known diamond. It was found in India in 1642 and was once a jewel in the royal crown of King Luis XIV of France. Since 1958, The Hope Diamond has been residing in the Smithsonian museum. The Hope Diamond has a reputation of a cursed gem though (go to the list Top 10 Victims of the Hope Diamond "Curse") - Metal_Treasure

Koh-i-Noor Diamond

It's part of British Crown Jewels - Metal_Treasure

The Daria-i-Noor Diamond

The largest pink diamond in the world is currently part of Iranian Crown Jewels. - Metal_Treasure

The Graff Pink Diamond
The Akbar Shah Diamond

A very old diamond that became famous during the days of the Mughal Empire. It includes two Persian inscriptions, the first reading "Shah Akbar, the Grand King, 1028 A.H." (the letters mean Anno Hegirae). The second inscription read "To the Lord of Two Worlds, 1039 A.H. Shah Jehan".
It's a pear-shaped diamond with a light green hue. - Metal_Treasure

The Regent Diamond

This gem is colorless with a pale blue hue. It graced the crowns of King Louis XV, Louis XVIII, Charles X and Napoleon III. Currently, the diamond is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris, set in a diadem designed for the French Empress Eugenie. - Metal_Treasure

The Dresden Green Diamond
The Black Orlov Diamond (aka The Eye of Brahma Diamond)

A cushion-cut black diamond (supposedly cursed) - Metal_Treasure

The Orlov Diamond

Not to be confused with The Black Orlov Diamond. The Orlov Diamond is a large, almost colorless diamond with a slightly bluish-green hue (and not black) that was encrusted into the Imperial Sceptre of Russian Empress Catherine the Great. - Metal_Treasure

The Archduke Joseph Diamond

The Contenders

The Beau Sancy Diamond

A colorless pear-shaped diamond, which sold for US $10 million in 2012 - Metal_Treasure

The Sancy Diamond
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