Top 10 Famous Individual Gemstones Mined in Myanmar (Former Burma)

Myanmar (former Burma) is a famous source of high quality rubies and sapphires. Prized rubies have been mined in Myanmar since the sixth century. About 90% of the world's best rubies come from Myanmar.
Burmese rubies are prized for their purity and the color aka "pigeon blood red" - red with undertones of purple and vivid saturation.

But Myanmar mines have also produced spinel, apatite, scapolite, moonstone, alexandrite, zircon, garnet, jade, iolite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, peridot, and more.

The Top Ten

1 The Sunrise Ruby The Sunrise Ruby

This is the most expensive ruby of all time so far - in 2015 it was sold for more than a million dollars per carat (one carat = weight of a coffee bean, approximately). - Metal_Treasure

2 The DeLong Star Ruby The DeLong Star Ruby

The star is real and natural - Metal_Treasure

3 The Prince of Burma Ruby The Prince of Burma Ruby

It was found in 1996 and it has the unique pigeon-blood red color characteristic of the rubies from Mogok region mines. - Metal_Treasure

4 The Carmen Lúcia Ruby The Carmen Lúcia Ruby

One of the largest faceted rubies in the world. The stone was mined in the 1930’s from the Mogok region of Burma (Myanmar). - Metal_Treasure

5 The Bismarck Sapphire The Bismarck Sapphire

It was found in Myanmar (former Burma) but sold in Sri Lanka - Metal_Treasure

6 The Timur Ruby The Timur Ruby

It's a spinel and not a ruby though - Metal_Treasure

7 The Graff Ruby The Graff Ruby

The world’s second most expensive ruby - it is from the famous Mogok mine in Mogok region aka the "Valley of Rubies" - Metal_Treasure

8 The Black Prince’s Ruby The Black Prince’s Ruby

It is red spinel and not ruby (it has been set into the British state crown). - Metal_Treasure

9 The Peace Ruby

It was discovered on June 30, 1919, just two days after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919 - a peace document signed at the end of World War I, hence the name. - Metal_Treasure

10 The Star of Bharany Ruby The Star of Bharany Ruby

An incredible gem I put last only because the source of this ruby is unknown but judging by its features, the most probable source is Burma (Myanmar) and not Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Other countries are excluded because the gem is over a hundred years old and at that time the only two countries in the world producing star rubies with perfect stars were Burma and Ceylon. - Metal_Treasure

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