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Placed higher then this. He's so cool! - TheRemixr


22 Bashur
23 Etho

I love etho he is the second best redstone person I ever seen
I don't hate me please
As much as I love bajan canadian and love etho too

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24 TheSyndicateProject
25 Keralis
26 Stacysays

She is very fun and she never cusses

Why was she not on this list

She is so funny

27 Ihascupquake

She is the best make her number 1 please remember oasis

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28 Gold Solace
29 Toby Turner
30 MrWoofles

Why is he at 39 he should be at #1

31 Bodil40
32 jebjovero

Dude, this guy make many Minecraft rankings.

33 Graser10
34 BrightEyedGamer
35 KermitPlaysMinecraft
36 GuudeBoulderfist
37 BdoubleO100
38 PauseUnpause
39 VintageBeef
40 ImAnderZEL
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