Top 10 Famous Monsters

There have been a lot of sightings, legends, tales, myths and encounters of legendary creatures. Whether they are aliens, apemen, reptiles, fish monsters, goblins, ghouls or lost dinosaurs, they will never go unnoticed. These monsters are either real or they are either fake. Most people dismiss these monsters as mere fiction/myths but who knows? Maybe they are real!

The Top Ten

1 The Loch Ness Monster

Another one of the most famous monsters ever. However, this monster is still proven to be faked. That doesn't mean she is still cool! - Daviddv0601

2 Bigfoot

The most famous monster ever. Nobody knows if he is real or not, but sometimes it better to leave some mysteries unsolved... - Daviddv0601

3 Yeti

My personal favourite monster. He is just frightening. To go out in the snow and finding this beast standing tall in front of you. I'm sorry, I don't want to be the meal of the Yeti. - Daviddv0601

4 The Kraken

I wouldn't want to be eaten by a giant octopus, thank you very much. - Daviddv0601

Release the kraken! I always wanted to do that

5 Grey Aliens

Most alien abductions are linked to these little guys. I'm sorry but I wouldn't want to taken into space and be experimented on while being paralyzed. No thank you. - Daviddv0601

6 Mokele-Mbembe

Since I live in Africa, this is one of my favourite monsters. - Daviddv0601

7 Skunk Ape

The fear of the unknown is mostly what keeps this think frightneing since nobody ever actually sees it, but have seen silhouettes of it. - Daviddv0601

8 Chupacabra

I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to find this thing in my area. - Daviddv0601

9 Vampires

I love them there awesome

10 Wendigo

Made popular by the Until Dawn game. It's behaviors and appearance is what makes the Wendigo so much more terrifying. - Daviddv0601

The Contenders

11 Zombies
12 Goatman

Just read the legend. It is what makes this monster so much more terrifying. - Daviddv0601

13 Ogopogo
14 Rake
15 Tokoloshe
16 Griffin
17 Mongolian Death Worm
18 Banshee
19 Bunyip
20 Yowies
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