Top Ten Famous People With the Weirdest Phobias

We have identified hundreds of phobias until today. We have heard of the strangest kind of phobias. Some that can even make you laugh out loud. Fear of oneself, fear of fear itself, fear of another phobia. Strange isn't it? You may not have heard of it but some of our celebs and popular people have phobias too! And you may not have known some or even all of them. Some of them suffer from the strangest of phobias. And realistically thinking, there isn't any reason to be afraid of stuff like chewing gums, eggs, cats or ferns! I have tried to give out the most in this list. Enjoy and vote your choice!
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1 Woody Allen - Fear of Everything Heywood "Woody" Allen is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, playwright and musician, whose career spans more than six decades.

Being afraid of everything must sound like hell

Is he afraid of life

Panphobia ehhh! Everything is vicious!

2 Adele - Fear of Seagulls

(Posted by a person who's had bad things happened to them involving a seagull) Understandable...

Same, do NOT make me go near these

3 Barbra Streisand - Fear of Public Speaking Barbara Joan Streisand, known professionally as Barbra Streisand, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker.

I have social anxiety, so I understand this a lot. I even go through extreme stress when talking to someone else. Even one person. I find it weird how most people can stand both of these things.

Not that weird :P Many people are nervous when speaking in public.

Same here. I get panicky whenever I have to speak in front of a huge audience.

By the way, isn’t Social Anxiety common?

That’s relatable to many people

4 Benjamin Burnley - Fear of Riding in Cars Benjamin Jackson Burnley IV is an American musician, composer, and producer, best known as the founder and frontman of the American rock band Breaking Benjamin.

Cars are ok, buses are worse and a planes are the worst

He's also afraid of planes when is kind of weird.

I have a fear of riding in any transport but I don't have a phobia over it... EXCEPT THEM DAMN PLANES!

5 Christina Ricci - Fear of Plants, Fear of Swimming Pools, Fear of Sharks

I hate looking at sharks, due to an unfortunate incident involving the spy museum in Washington D.C. I'm not scared of them, I just hate their teeth and gums.

Fear of sharks is understandable, though facts say that it makes no sense.

Christina Ricci must be a carnivore.

6 Emma Roberts - Fear of Flying on a Plane Emma Rose Roberts is an American actress and singer. After small roles in films such as Blow, she rose to prominence with her role as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous, for which she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award and six Young Artist Awards.

I have this phobia. I am not afraid of heights, but I cannot trust a metal tube that goes high in the air. It might crash! - IceBearRules

I used to have this phobia

I fear boats not planes

Understandable to me..

7 Oprah Winfrey - Fear of Chewing Gums Oprah Gail Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.

She also has a fear of not getting into other people's business.

Doesn't she also have a fear of balloons?

This is ridiculous

8 Nicole Kidman - Fear of Butterflies Nicole Mary Kidman is an Australian-American actress and film producer. Kidman's breakthrough roles were in the 1989 feature film thriller Dead Calm and television thriller miniseries Bangkok Hilton.

My brother has a fear of literally ever single bug... Including butterflies.

Looks like butterflies are deadly wasps now (according to Kidman)

Butterflys and moths are actually pretty creepy

On Spongebob they’re considered monsters!

9 Alfred Hitchcock - Fear of Eggs Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, was an English-American film director and producer, at times referred to as "The Master of Suspense".

Weirdest ever

10 Jim Parsons - Fear of Birds James Joseph "Jim" Parsons is an American actor. He is known for playing Sheldon Cooper in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

I have a fear of free-wandering birds. It's a fear of being pecked really.

Remember that episode from the big bang theory

He must have seen Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds one too many times

The Contenders
11 Natalie Wood - Fear of Water Natalie Wood, born Natalie Zacharenko (July 20, 1938 – November 28 or 29, 1981) was an American film and television actress. She is best known for her role opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and as Maria in West Side Story. But the American icon remains infamously known for the circumstances more.

That's ironic because her death resulted from drowning.

How did she shower or bathe?

Yet she died of drowning

Strange… she's like Sonic.

My auntie's called Natalie Wood.

12 Pamela Anderson - Fear of Mirrors Pamela Denise Anderson is a Canadian-American actress. In addition to her acting career, she is also a model, producer, author, activist and a former showgirl, known for her roles on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P..

I just think that it's a gateway to another dimension, a horrible dimension, and your reflection is blocking you out because he doesn't want you to see the horrible things the world has come to... Then I started thinking, what if we are on the wrong side of the mirror...?

It's easy to see why she'd be afraid of mirrors. She's made a freak of herself.

So she’s scared of looking at her own sexy face

13 Justin Timberlake - Fear of Spiders, Snakes and other Crawlers Justin Randall Timberlake is an American singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. Born and raised in Tennessee, he appeared on the television shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club as a child.

Absolutely understandable.

I have this phobia REALLY BAD


14 Nikola Tesla - Fear of Germs and Jewellery Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system, X rays, Radio, Remote Control, Laser, and Electric motors. Tesla developed and used more.

Yeah I know this...

15 Johnny Depp - Fear of Clowns John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II is an American actor, producer, and musician. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor. His role in a movie is often rather big. His character is often on the "loopy side" and his character being in a darker state of mind, etc.

Clowns CAN be really scary. The Joker is also a clown isn't he? He looks creepy X(

He is the Mad Hatter!

I’m not really scared of clowns. I just feel awkward and or creeped out when around one.

Same here - it’s not a weird phobia at all

16 Keanu Reeves - Fear of Darkness Keanu Charles Reeves (born September 2, 1964) is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician. He gained fame for his starring role performances in several blockbuster films, including comedies from the Bill and Ted franchise.

Who wouldn't be scared of the dark? You can't see what's happening? It's human instinct to be scared of the dark, or at least wary!

I have that fear I sleep with a night light but it doesn't help unless I have my light on

17 Madonna - Fear of Thunder and Lightning Madonna Louise Ciccone, known professionally as Madonna, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She influenced a lot of singers such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears. She is known as Queen of Pop and at modern pop culture specifically more.

Awww why? I love thunder and lightning, especially lightning. It looks marvellous!

This is somewhat relatable. I used to have this fear.

I have a fear of lightning but not thunder.

I have a fear of lightning not thunder.

18 David Beckham - Fear of Disorders David Robert Joseph Beckham is an English retired professional footballer. He played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain and the England national team, for which he held the appearance record for an outfield player until 2016.

I thought he was afraid of birds?

Kinda makes sense.

19 Timothy Leary - Fear of Getting a Haircut

When he was on LSD or when he wasn't on LSD?

I'm dead how the hell did this happen?

This list is hilarious

20 Megan Fox - Fear of Bacteria, Fear of Darkness, Fear of Paper, Fear of Still Photos Megan Denise Fox is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom.

Fear of bacteria isn't weird, that stuff killed over a third of the population a couple of 100 years ago. But every bacteria isn't plague/yersinia pestis/bacillus.

Fear of darkness and bacteria isn't weird. Bacteria cause some weird to happen to you. In the dark, you can't see where anything is.

Fear of Darkness is not weird, but of still photos? LOL

Ron Weasley has a fear of still photos

21 Kelly Osbourne - Fear of Being Touched Kelly Lee Osbourne is a British singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter and fashion designer.

While I don't have a fear of this myself, I find it annoying.

Even when her own family touches her?

Poor her :( Life must be tough to her

22 Napoleon Bonaparte - Fear of Cats Napoléon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.

Wait a minute, one of the best French military generals was afraid of cats? They could of just showed him a cat and the Seven Years War would of never happened

I hate napoleon he killed an artist

This guy was a very brave guy. He didn't fear soldiers and cannons but he feared cats. seems interesting.

23 Carmen Electra - Fear of Being Near Water Tara Leigh Patrick, better known by her stage name Carmen Electra, is an American glamour model, actress, television personality, singer, and dancer.

We both have the name Carmen. c:

24 Matthew McConaughey - Fear of Revolving Doors Matthew David McConaughey is an American actor and producer. He first gained notice for his breakout role in the coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused, and went on to appear in films such as the slasher Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, the legal thriller A Time to Kill, Steven Spielberg's more.
25 Liam Payne - Fear of Spoons

I remember how I've watched his interview about his fears.

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