Top Ten Most Famous Surnames in Music

Musicians who are instantly recognisable purely by their surname. Feel free to add any you know of which aren't already included; or vote for a favourite existing item.

The Top Ten

1 McCartney

That's true. To utter any of these names is to instantly recognize one person. I will try to think of some more... - Ned964

What about his poor brother? He had to perform under the name "Mike McGear'.

2 Sinatra

Great list... Ole' Blue eyes. The hoodlum from Hoboken. Leader of the Rat Pack... gotta hear some Sinatra often - Ned964

It Was A Very Good Year :). - Britgirl

3 Jagger

Was lucky enough to see the Stones live once. What a showman. - Ned964

4 Hendrix
5 Dylan
6 Pavarotti
7 Bowie
8 Clapton
9 Presley
10 Mozart

The Contenders

11 Jackson
12 Joplin
13 Dio
14 Springsteen
15 Lennon
16 Butterfield
17 Beck
18 Baldry
19 Burdon
20 Emerson
21 Lake
22 Palmer
23 Fitzgerald

A few years ago I asked my niece if she liked Fitzgerald; she said "Who? "
"Ella Fitzgerald", I said. She looked at me strangely and said, "Who? " Honestly, some people... - Britgirl

Well my niece knows who she is now but I think it's asking too much of her to become a fan. Shame. - Britgirl

24 Ellington

Duke like Ellington? I do. Very much! - Britgirl

25 Goodman
26 Gershwin
27 Krupa
28 Rebennack
29 Toussaint
30 Labelle
31 Miller

Glenn? Arthur? Steve? Roger? - Ned964

32 Townsend
33 Beethoven
34 Chopin
35 Moon
36 Daltrey
37 Mancini
38 Cocker
39 Andrews
40 Coltrane
41 Costello
42 Shakur
43 Mercury
44 Bush
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