Top Ten Famous TheTopTens Usernames Translated to Spanish


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1 Chica Británica (Britgirl)

Oh, the username suits her so perfectly well! I love it! And her! - keyson

2 Positrón Halcón Salvaje (Positronwildhawk)

Thanks for this keyson. It was rather informative. - PositronWildhawk

3 Sonidos de Mascota (Petsounds)
4 Hijo Clave (Keyson)

I quite like this. And I think my username looks prettier in Spanish. Love you too! - Britgirl

I don't even remember what crossed my mind when I did this username! - keyson

5 Feliz Feliz Alegría Alegría (Happyhappyjoyjoy)
6 Luna Lobo (Moon Wolf)
7 Media Con Moho (Moldysock)

I didn't know what moldy was until I searched it on the translator. Disgusting! Haha - keyson

Sounds like a political scandal! - PositronWildhawk

8 Corazón Congelado (Frozen Heart)
9 Lucas Es el Hombre (Lukestheman)
10 Rey de la Hamburguesa Todopoderoso (Bkalmighty)

Translating this back to English results in "King Of The Almighty Burger" - Rocko

The Contenders

11 Lobo Cola (Wolf Tail)

Just wondered what my name would be if I put in into Google Translate, and it looks like a kind of drink or something! Laugh out loud! - Wolftail

12 Pavo Asilo (Turkey Asylum)
13 Más rápido que el de Sonic (Faster Than Sonic)
14 administración (admin)
15 Siete Lagartos (SevenLizards)
16 doguillo (Pug)
17 Nintendo ventilador 126 (nintendofan126)
18 Pug un (Puga)
19 Brezo (Heather)
20 Patricio Estrella (Patrickstar)
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1. Chica Británica (Britgirl)
2. Positrón Halcón Salvaje (Positronwildhawk)
3. Sonidos de Mascota (Petsounds)
1. Chica Británica (Britgirl)
2. Sonidos de Mascota (Petsounds)
3. Positrón Halcón Salvaje (Positronwildhawk)


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